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Riverside Avenue is notoriously busy for its foot traffic due to the numerous restaurants and social venues situated on the avenue. However, there are no government-installed lights to help illuminate the busy area at nighttime, nor are there any traffic lights at the large intersection near The Whelk.

Riverside Avenue car accident triggers resident concerns

Henry Watson ’25, Paper News Editor March 28, 2023

Matthew Balga, 54, was struck by a car while crossing the street at 11:30 p.m on Riverside Avenue on March 4. According to police footage, Balga was wearing dark clothing and was walking outside of the...

One item under the “yellow bucket” is Post Road East at Hillspoint Road. The complaint was that people use the parking lot of Cumberland Farms as a cut through to avoid the light. This is dangerous for both pedestrians and customers.

‘Three Bucket’ plan addresses traffic, pedestrian concerns

Gabriella Gerig ’23, Paper Sports Editor February 11, 2023

The Town of Westport is addressing concerns regarding traffic and pedestrian safety issues using information from past meetings and organizing priorities according to the Traffic & Pedestrian Safety...

There are multiple COVID-19 testing sites around Westport and they all experience the same traffic-related issues on a regular basis. Sometimes these testing sites run out of COVID tests, which creates even more backlog.

Long waits at COVID-19 testing sites create frustration

Izzy Sareen '22, Staff Writer January 14, 2022

Imagine this: You’ve just discovered you were exposed to COVID-19, and you need to get tested in order to get back to your daily obligations such as work, school, sports and other things. You get up...

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driving behaviors changed significantly throughout the course of the pandemic. Speeding rates increased dramatically and still have not returned to normal levels.

Connecticut sees increase in traffic-related deaths, traffic on roads

Julia Herlyn ’23, Editor-in-Chief December 13, 2021

Connecticut has recently experienced a 16% increase in traffic-related deaths, indicated by data from the state Department of Transportation. As of Nov. 12, there were 290 cases of traffic-related deaths...

Traffic after school serves as a daily obstacle, both before and after school.

Escalating school traffic clogs Westport streets

Mia Kirkorsky ’24, Business Manager November 23, 2021

After Connecticut public schools returned to  100% in-person schooling,  there has been overwhelming traffic smothering the roads.  But this traffic is completely unnecessary.  Students without a license...

Torrential flash floods strike in Westport

Torrential flash floods strike in Westport

September 26, 2018

Will Matar '21 Heavy downpours throughout Connecticut broke out minutes after a flash flood warning was issued in Westport, Hamden, Shelton, Darien, Stamford and Bridgeport until 6:15 PM by the National...

Fiery crash on I-95 results in fatality, heavy traffic

Fiery crash on I-95 results in fatality, heavy traffic

Jesse Levinson '17, Web Opinions Editor September 29, 2016

Jesse Levinson '17, Web Opinions Editor At approximately 6 p.m. on Sept. 28, a sewage-carrying tractor overturned and collided with a car near Exit 17 on I-95 Southbound, causing the truck to go up...

Fatal bus accident on I-95 Turns Fairfield County Into Traffic Disaster

Fatal bus accident on I-95 Turns Fairfield County Into Traffic Disaster

Justin Schwebel, Staff Writer October 9, 2015

A coach bus carrying 49 people rear-ended a tractor trailer on Wednesday afternoon on I-95 in Norwalk, killing the driver and sending 18 passengers to the hospital. According to a press release, prepared...

Rain and missing traffic agent exacerbate student commute

Rain and missing traffic agent exacerbate student commute

Casey Lu, Staff Writer October 2, 2015

Morning traffic is a normal part of the Staples student routine, but wednesday's situation was impossible to foretell as rain and the lack of a traffic agent caused further delays.   Heavy...

STANDING GUARD: Ex-detective Nelson Alicea proudly points to the Staples logo on his iconic car. While he used to investigate homicides, he now spends his days patrolling and protecting Staples.

Nelson swaps patrolling streets for protecting SHS

Francesca Truitt, Staff Writer October 10, 2014

After Nelson Alicea’s extensive career of fighting crime, he has retired his police badge for Wreckers logo wear. And after his experience in the criminal infested streets, he has no trouble successfully...

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