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Dance is an art, not a sport

Dance is an art, not a sport

January 3, 2017

By Kate Lewis '18 Growing up as dancer, while my friends played soccer and softball and field hockey, I was often asked if dance is my “sport.” When I was younger, I would reply yes, because I considered it to be just as difficult as any sport I saw my friends doing. And there were those kids...

Wreckers gear up for opening game versus Xavier

 During a Sept. 10 practice, the Staples football team went through final preparations for Friday’s game.

Fritz Schemel, Sports Editor

September 11, 2014

On Friday night, football will return to Staples Stadium, with a crucial early season matchup for both Staples and opponent Xavier High School from Middletown, Conn. at 7:00 p.m under the lights. Staples players can’t wait to get back in the game action. “There's no feeling like it, walking o...

December 17, 2010 | Ugly Shirt Day

December 17, 2010 | Ugly Shirt Day

December 17, 2010

7:27 a.m. Social studies teachers Catherine Schager, Daniel Heaphy, and Ashley Gayanilo sport their “ugly” shirts. Today, students can give $1 during any of the lunch waves to vote for the teacher that is wearing the most “fashion-challenged” shirt of the day. All proceeds from this fundraiser will go to the Connecticut Food Bank....

Staples Students Curl for Fun

Staples Students Curl for Fun

November 15, 2010

Americans have football, basketball, and baseball – three action packed, fast moving pastimes. However, every four years when the Winter Olympics comes around, people cannot help but become enthralled with the excruciatingly slow sport of curling. "I was in Germany during the Winter Olympics and since all of th...

Chronicles of my After-School Employment

November 12, 2010

Having a job after school is just like playing a sport— the only difference is that I get paid to do it. Every Monday and Thursday from 3-6 I get paid to sit at a desk and do my homework. While some think that having a job after school can effect doing well in school, I actually get more done at work...

Staples Soccer Expands Horizons – Two foreign phenoms join team, add diversity

Staples Soccer Expands Horizons - Two foreign phenoms join team, add diversity

October 22, 2010

Image via Wikipedia Rebecca Bobrow '11 Features Editor Soccer is an international game. It is the most popular sport on the planet. It is played in over 200 countries. This season, Staples soccer, can claim to be international. Its worldliness has been increased with the addition of two international athletes to its roster. Lars Aanestad ’12, of Norway, and F...

Jock Talk – Why Superfans Will Never Go to Girls' Games

Jock Talk - Why Superfans Will Never Go to Girls' Games

October 1, 2010

Julia Friedman '11 Staff Writer Staples has some of the most enthusiastic high school sports fans around. These passionate and dedicated fans are known as “superfans.” Superfans come to games in herds. The boys body paint and the girls wear navy and white beads. Whether they’re on the soccer p...

Band of Brothers: Rugby Builds Fraternity On, Off Field

Band of Brothers: Rugby Builds Fraternity On, Off Field

May 28, 2010

Mel Mignucci '12 A&E Editor Two at a time, athletic adolescents sprint up and down the turf football field, from end to end, cheered on by their teammates. They finish the circuit in about a minute, barely panting and not visibly sweaty, even in the bright May sun. They exchange high fives, pa...

A Game without Fans?

Austin Alianiello '10 focuses on a chip near the green. |Photo by Lucas Hammerman

May 20, 2010

Jesse Heussner '11 Sports Editor Even though the boy’s golf team has had plenty to cheer about in their undefeated 2010 season, you would not have known it based on their crowd support. Why? Because the boy’s golf team has no fans—the state has banned all spectators from watching regu...

The Brutality of Water Polo

The boys' water polo team has a laid back practice, but things can get quite aggressive during games. | Photo by Bryan Schiavone '13

April 15, 2010

Leah Bitsky  '12 Staff Writer Above the surface of a Staples water polo game, everyone seems to be following the rules, but under the surface is where things get ugly. “Water polo is a truly brutal sport,” Avery Watterworth ’11 said. Watterworth explained that there are thr...

Saugatuck Rowers: Practice Rain or Shine

March 26, 2010

Shannon Moss '11 Web News Editor The weather is cold, rainy, and foggy. Through their rain-streaked windowshields, drivers see pedestrians huddled under umbrellas, windowshield wipers flashing, and.... rowers? Susan Greenberg ‘11, a rower for 17 seasons at the Saugatuck Rowing Club (SRC), decided to take up the sport after always envyi...

Title IX Shifts Gender Balance in Sports Recruiting

February 2, 2010

Constance Chien ’10 & Jesse Heussner ’11 Features Editors Thirty -eight years after the enactment of Title IX, which sought to ensure equality in educational opportunities, the act continues to be relevant in the process of recruitment that affects Staples students every year. Some teachers...

The World of Wacky Fans

The World of Wacky Fans

January 28, 2010

Sammy Warshaw '12 Staff Writer In Connecticut, it is safe to say that there is very little variety of professional sport teams. Because we are not blessed with a bevy of professional sports teams (my apologies WNBA team Connecticut Sun), we are forced to follow tri-state teams. If you like the NFL...

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