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Staples achieves highest average SAT score in Connecticut

Staples achieves highest average SAT score in Connecticut

September 21, 2018

By Jack Dennison '21 The Staples High School class of 2019 earned the highest average SAT score in the state. Daniel Westphal ’19 was happy to learn of the distinction. “Staples having the highest SAT scores in the state is a reflection of the time and effort the students here have put into the...

Stress = Work * Acceleration:

Stress  =  Work * Acceleration:

Max Bibicoff, News editor

June 10, 2015

With the week of final exams looming at Staples, students have begun to mentally prepare for the hours of studying that will ensue in the coming days. Only adding to the craze of finals week this year, is the fact that ACTs and SATs are occurring almost simultaneously on the weekends of June 6th and June 13th, and...

Teachers React to SAT Changes

Teachers React to SAT Changes

Greta Bjornson, Features Editor

March 14, 2014

The College Board announced changes to the SAT, which will go into effect in 2016, on Wed. March 5, citing a disconnect between school curriculum and the content of the exam. It will be split into three sections with an optional essay portion and will go back to a 1600 scale instead of the current 24...

The Best Test, ACTs vs. SATs

The Best Test, ACTs vs. SATs

May 4, 2011

A term well known to the Staples student body. A term that is dreaded by almost all students. This is the term that can define a students future within a matter of a several months. This term is better known as: standardized tests. As applications are being filled and college essays are being written, there is an undulating flow of sophomores and juniors communic...

PPSAT Shown Valuable in the Pre-College Process

The PPSAT, taken by sophomores in mid-March is helpful in preparing for the PSATs and SATs

March 12, 2010

Monica Mula '10 Web Opinions Editor Each year around mid–March, the stress levels among the grades are drastically different. Sophomores have just finished the long weeks of CAPT testing, while all other grades have enjoyed weeks of sleeping in and feel well-rested and refreshed. Now comes the ti...

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