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As a result of coursework from AP and Honors curriculum being mixed, Honors level classes have become frustrating as a result of doing the same work as AP students, but not receiving the same weight in their GPAs. (Graphic by Rachel Olefson ’25)

Blurred lines between honors, AP classes cause frustration

Rachel Olefson ’25, Staff Writer April 30, 2023

Last year, many other freshmen and I had a decision to make: should we take US History at A, Honors or AP level? AP sounded scary to me; my Global Themes teacher had only recommended two students in total...

As a result of the removal of the bridge furniture on the second floor earlier this year, Staples library has become more crowded, yielding noise complaints and leaving both students and faculty to wonder when (or if) the furniture will be brought back. Graphic by Rachel Olefson 25.

No movement on reinstating bridge furniture, study halls being considered

Rachel Olefson ’25, Staff Writer March 27, 2023

A  recent proposal for reinstating the bridge furniture and possibly implementing study hall spaces was posed at a Staples Collaborative Team meeting on March 3, however, no advancements have been made...

The Grammy awards continue to reward performers who audiences agree shouldn’t have won their respective trophies. Additionally, the voting system for this award show is elusive and many people are starting to question if the unknown judges are qualified to make these decisions on music’s biggest night.

Grammy awards prove ineffective, fail to reward true success

Rachel Olefson ’25, Staff Writer February 17, 2023

After turning on the Grammy awards this year, you probably heard the same, tired victory speech repeated several times, ironically sounding like a broken record: “I’d like to thank my parents, my kids...

As a result of going through experiences before any younger siblings, eldest siblings often suffer from anticipatory anxiety about being unsure of things like the college application process, what classes to take, and general life advice, putting them at a disadvantage in comparison to their peers who fall in a different spot in their family’s birth order.

Make it stop!: Eldest children face excessive and unnecessary pressures, anxiety

Rachel Olefson ’25, Staff Writer January 16, 2023

As my sixteenth birthday began to approach with the start of the new year, my already-terrible anxieties pertaining to just about everything in my life started to worsen and flood my brain with questions:...

As the winter sports season at Staples begins to pick up, individual teams are starting to hold tryouts and go through preseason in their own ways. All are hopeful that they will be successful this season.

Winter sports teams launch into tryouts, strive for success

Rachel Olefson ’25, Staff Writer December 9, 2022

For many students, the first few weeks of winter mean cold weather, the first snowfall and looking forward to the holiday season. But for Staples’ winter athletes, the end of November means gearing up...

Even though we’re not even halfway through the second quarter of the school year, many students are already burnt out by the large workload and lack of  a break that is offered in between the first and second quarters of the school year. However, there are multiple ways to avoid, or at least decrease burnout and stress overall.

Epidemic of early-onset burnout ravages Staples: tips from a suffering sophomore

Rachel Olefson ’25, Staff Writer November 21, 2022

The obnoxious blaring sound of my alarm somehow finds a way to make it into my dream. I wake up with the same exhausted eyelids I’ve had for the past 50-something days of school, drag myself out of bed...

Ben Lorenz ’24 runs in a cross country race at Wickham Park. (Photo contributed by Ben Lorenz ’24).

Lorenz breaks longstanding cross country record, sets new bar for runners

Rachel Olefson '25, Staff Writer October 21, 2022

Every team has its center, a core member that sets the standard for others and leads the way. For the Staples boys’ cross country team, this member is Ben Lorenz ’24.  It is Lorenz’s spirit and...

Customers go to the By the piece bar to order custom amounts of assorted chocolate. Bridgewater offers a pound box, half a pound, or a bag that is weighed at checkout.

Bridgewater Chocolate sweetens up Westport

You might think you were stepping into a museum; in front of you are display cases filled with sparkling gold tones and glittering jewels topped with delicate embellishments. And as you walk through the...

Satire image describing many viewers’ thoughts on the upcoming season of Disneys “Dancing with the Stars”

Graphic by Rachel Olefson ’25

‘Dancing with the Stars’ premiere leaves audiences with mixed reactions

Rachel Olefson ’25, Staff Writer September 29, 2022

The mirrorball trophy is back up for grabs, baby! Hit television show “Dancing with the Stars” is back and better than ever before… or so I thought.  In recent years, “Dancing with the Stars...

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