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The girls’ golf team has members from every grade; each player has different strengths that have helped contribute to the team’s victories this year.

Girls’ golf victorious in almost every match, leads state

Phoebe Miller ’23, Associate Managing Editor May 17, 2022

The girls’ golf team is currently number one in the state and has a record of 8-1, with their sole loss being by a difference of only three strokes. “Consistency and a good mix of players, I think,...

Westport parents, educators and residents attended the Board of Education meeting Monday night, contributing to conversations about the equity study on the climate of Westport district schools.

Board of Education equity report release from NYU causes division, frustration

Phoebe Miller '23, Associate Managing Editor May 2, 2022

The Westport Board of Education began discussions Monday on the results of a climate and equity report done on Westport schools in consultation with the New York University Steinhardt Metropolitan Center. The...

The apprenticeship program focuses on the importance of safety instruction and the teaching of skills important for a career in construction and other fields.

Paving a path: Connecticut’s Pre-Apprenticeship high school program

Phoebe Miller ’23 , Paper Sports Editor March 31, 2022

If someone listened in on students’ conversations with their school counselors while deciding on classes for the next year, they would hear similar stresses being voiced. “Where am I going to college?...

Omicron, a more contagious COVID-19 variant, has officially been detected in Connecticut.

Omicron variant arrives in Connecticut, US

Phoebe Miller ’23, Sports Editor December 16, 2021

The World Health Organization classified a new COVID variant dubbed “Omicron,” a Variant of Concern after it was discovered on Nov. 26 in South Africa. According to medical scientists, the variant...

Connecticut leaders dispute over affordable housing law reform

Connecticut leaders dispute over affordable housing law reform

Phoebe Miller ’23, Sports Editor December 14, 2021

For a year, town and state leaders have demanded reform of Connecticut’s 8-30g affordable housing law, The law, passed in 1989 in the 8-30g section of Connecticut General Statutes, guarantees that...

Specific statistics about undiscussed mental illnesses are not always made well-known to the public, and stigmas about such less-known mental illnesses are rampant among the Staples community.

Truths about mental health jarring, education of issues needed

Phoebe Miller ’23, Paper Sports Editor October 25, 2021

In 10th grade, like many students, I struggled with my mental health. The stress of COVID, pressures of being a high school student and the country’s political environment were constantly crowding my...

The Playhouse suffered serious damage to several different areas of the theatre, because of the water that seeped through low-lying entrance doors and down staircases.

Westport Country Playhouse thankful for support after flood

Phoebe Miller ’23, Paper Sports Editor September 14, 2021

The Westport Country Playhouse suffered severe flood damage from the remnants of category two Hurricane Ida that hit Westport on the night of Sept. 1. The hurricane caused severe flooding and destruction...

Westport Woman's Club presents annual art show, dazzles viewers


Phoebe Miller ’23, Paper Sports Editor June 4, 2021

Due to the Connecticut State Senates bill, students who were previously exempted from the vaccine for religious reasons are no longer excused.

Religious exemption bill for mandatory vaccines terminated

Phoebe Miller ’23, Paper Sports Editor May 11, 2021

The Connecticut State Senate has passed a bill that will no longer allow religious exemptions from children’s vaccination requirements for schools, colleges and other educational facilities. One such...

The new Wednesday schedule is vastly different from the old one and presents many negative differences.

Wednesdays should be kept virtual

Phoebe Miller ’23, Paper Sports Editor May 10, 2021

With students in school at full capacity, less clamoring about zoom links and wifi problems eliminated, the COVID landscape of school is, thankfully, seeming to slowly fade away. But the new 100% capacity...

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