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Virtual back to school night provides convenience, cannot recreate in-person experience

Staples parents Holly Rogers (right) and Zoran Hruskar (left) watch virtual back to school night presentations from the comfort of their home. As a precaution to stay safe from COVID-19, teachers pre-recorded or streamed their presentations live through zoom.

Maya Hruskar ’23, Blue Staff Paper Opinions Editors

October 13, 2020

Picture this: adults frantically running through school hallways, lost in the labyrinth-like maze of Staples. Their next  presentation is in one minute and they have yet to find the classroom- the stress they undergo being very similar to that of a freshman on the first day of school. This used to be ...

Social studies teachers approach election education with confidence

Social studies teacher Suzanne Kammerman’s classroom board depicts the Democratic and Republican tickets as well as dates for the online and absentee ballots and Presidential and Vice-presidential debates.

Maya Hruskar ’23, Staff Writer

September 26, 2020

The November election is coming soon, and everyone can feel it. A global pandemic, nationwide protests and, arguably, more political polarization than has ever been seen in recent history. With all this unrest, the divisive debate of who should be President has breached everybody’s lives. This begs the qu...

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Maya Hruskar ’23