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Quarter four grade weight reduction may demotivate frustrated students

May 15, 2020

Another hour spent in front of a computer screen. Lessons that feel like busy work. And above it all, a growing dissatisfaction for school. This quarantine has presented new and unique challenges to...

New department heads get their heads in the game

New department heads get their heads in the game
September 7, 2014

Lauren Francese, former history teacher at Bedford and at Staples, is the new Social Studies department head. She’s also a very busy lady. Her phone rings non-stop, and the office secretary Joyce Evans...

Standards-Based Grading Piloted in Math and Science Classes

New Standards: Instead of an average, students are now given a numerical grade on the standard.
October 4, 2013

Usually, average is the key word with grading. Quarterly homework is averaged. Semester exams are averaged. Final grades are averaged. A student’s mean among all studied units is the ultimate score. However,...

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