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Walsh competes at various horseback riding competitions across the country.

Walsh jumps to success through horseback riding

Lucy Dockter ’23, Editor-in-Chief October 31, 2022

Jessica Walsh ’25 has been riding horses for around 10 years. She got into it because her cousin rode, so she and her sister grew up around horses and fell in love. Walsh talks about what people commonly...

Students wait in an empty classroom for a substitute to show up; however, at Staples, there is no reason for there to be a substitute for the class. Students should be allowed to work on their own without a substitute watching over them, benefiting both the school and the students.

The kids are alright: substitute teachers prove unnecessary

Lucy Dockter ’23, Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2022

Since COVID, there has been a shortage of substitute teachers. It is becoming increasingly common to show up for class with the primary teacher absent, but with no substitute. What do you do? You stand...

On March 23, teachers had a half day of professional development devoted to improving overall wellness and developing a more connected Staples community.

Professional development day on wellness receives mixed grades from teachers

Lucy Dockter ’23, Paper News Editor April 1, 2022

*Names have been changed for anonymity. Students got a half day last Wednesday, and it felt pretty good. We were able to use that time as we chose—to finish schoolwork, to do some exercise, to meditate....

Video recorded auditions which have become more prevalent in the past year have changed the entire audition process for youth orchestras, making them more miserable and taxing.

Video recordings transform auditions

Lucy Dockter '23, Editor-in-Chief March 25, 2022

You have been preparing every single day for the last four months. Your fingers have been ingrained with the music—you play it in your sleep. You arrive at the site and take 15 minutes to warm-up in...

Residents from all over Fairfield county gathered in the courtyard and the Lucille Lortel White Barn of the Westport Country Playhouse on Dec. 4 playing games, listening to music and eating.

Winter Fun Fest brings holiday cheer to Westport community

Lucy Dockter ’23, Paper News Editor December 13, 2021

On a cool, sunny afternoon outside of the Westport Country Playhouse, families gathered listening to holiday music, tossing bean bags into a hole, making clay snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. The...

Staples students share their unique collections

Anna Diorio ’23 Paper Arts Editor, Lucy Dockter ’23 Paper News Editor October 21, 2021

Westport’s bounty: fall foraging feast

Westport’s bounty serves as a fall foraging feast

Lucy Dockter ’23, Paper News Editor October 17, 2021

On May 22, the Westport Police Department worked with  the Teen Awareness Group and the Westport Youth Commission to engage in an afternoon of cornhole, a traditional backyard activity and now a professional sport.

“Corn-a-Cop” connects Westport Police, Staples students

Lucy Dockter ’23, Paper News Editor May 27, 2021

What used to be a backyard game is now a professional sport. Although Cornhole has moved on to the big leagues, it remains a fun and safe activity that brings together the Westport community.  Members...

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