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The ad hoc Superintendent’s Review Committee met in Town Hall on April 3 and 17, deciding to recommend to the Superintendent to keep three challenged books in the Staples library. The meetings were working meetings with no public comment. There was lower turnout to the second meeting as the Committee’s decision was previously made at the first, and the second was intended for editing and revising their recommendation letter. Photo taken by Lilly Weisz 23.

Challenged books recommended to remain in school library by Superintendent’s Review Committee

Lilly Weisz '23, Creative Director May 5, 2023

The Superintendent’s Review Committee (SRC) unanimously voted to recommend to the superintendent to retain all three challenged Staples library books after two working meetings in April. Superintendent...

New restaurant Yuki Kitchen opened at 903 Post Road East in Westport in Nov., 2022. They serve Korean, Japanese and Chinese food.

Yuki Kitchen cooks up homemade Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisine

Lilly Weisz ’23, Creative Director March 21, 2023

Off the side of the Post Road, a new restaurant, Yuki Kitchen, finds its home in Westport. They’re housed in a cozy space that seats nine, with a refrigerator filled with American and Japanese sodas...

Many upperclassmen at Staples have opted for elective courses to fulfill their English credits.

New English courses appeal to broader range of students

Lilly Weisz ’23, Creative Director February 1, 2023

The English department is adding two new semester English courses and shortening the Myth & Bible Honors course to a semester in the 2023-24 academic year. According to Coordinator for Secondary English...

On Oct. 3, a Board of Education meeting was held regarding the status of several books containing LGBTQIA+ and sexual content. These books were debated on by several members of the Westport community.

Staples library display incites community response at BOE meeting

Lilly Weisz '23, Creative Director October 20, 2022

Nine Westport residents spoke on the controversy surrounding Staples High School (SHS) Library’s Banned Books Week display during the public comment section of the Westport Board of Education (BOE) meeting...

Teachers and schools face extreme hardships as a result of the pandemic and its implications on youth.

Staples struggles to maintain staff amid national teacher shortage

Staples has experienced increasing resignations and hiring demands as the national teacher shortage affects schools across the country. Amid a shrinking pool of candidates and many resignations, Westport...

The Staples cafeteria removed the custom salad bar as a COVID-19 safety precaution. However, as we return to normal at school, so should our dining options.

Staples student pines for Staples salad bar, hopes for return

Lilly Weisz ’23, Creative Director April 28, 2022

Ever since we returned to school during COVID-19, I have eaten yogurt twice a day — once for breakfast and once for lunch. My friends cast searing eyes at me as I consume pounds of fermented milk, but...

Staples Library celebrates reading with book bracket

Lilly Weisz ’23, Assistant Creative Director March 25, 2022

Westport government addresses concerns over TEAM Westport, changes composition

Westport government addresses concerns over TEAM Westport, changes composition

Lilly Weisz '23, Creative Director March 15, 2022

First Selectwoman Jen Tooker has created membership requirements for TEAM (Together Effectively Achieving Multiculturalism) Westport to have no more than 50% of one party and to constitute only Westport...

Gordon announced on Feb. 14 that he would be joining the race for Connecticut State Senator in District 26 after current State Senator Will Haskell publicized that he would not be running for a third term in 2022. Gordon has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a J.D./MBA from Columbia Law School and Columbia Business School. Gordon joins competitors Ceci Maher and Ken Bernhard.

Gordon begins campaign for Connecticut State Senator

Lilly Weisz, Assistant Creative Director March 4, 2022

Michael Gordon wears many hats in the Westport community: he’s a husband and a father to three children; he was four-time chair of the Board of Education (BOE) and board member on the Anti-Defamation...

Coleytown Elementary School (CES) is adding two portable classrooms to its property in order to address spatial concerns due to the growing populations of both CES and Stepping Stones Preschool (which is located inside of CES).

Portable classrooms at CES attempt to alleviate overpopulation

Lilly Weisz ’23 and Alex Gaines ’25 February 14, 2022

Two portable classrooms have been proposed to be added to the Coleytown Elementary School (CES) building, costing the Westport Board of Education approximately $750,000. This is a beginning step in the...

46 million turkeys are consumed by U.S. citizens on Thanksgiving. Altogether, the processing, domestic transport, retail refrigeration, home cooking and waste of turkey amounts to a hefty sum of carbon emissions.

To eat turkey or not to eat turkey, that is the environmentalist’s question

Lilly Weisz ’23, Assistant Creative Director November 24, 2021

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, people on Thanksgiving, must want to eat turkey. But is that really true? This year, I became a pescetarian. Specifically, 2 months ago, after waxing...

Fairfield County protests Texas’s Senate Bill 8

Lilly Weisz ’23, Assistant Creative Director October 31, 2021

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