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Connecticut has various labor laws that one should always keep in mind when applying for a summer job.

I’m not a lawyer, I’m just a kid- my advice for navigating your summer job contract

Zoe Boxenbaum '25, Broadcast Director June 11, 2024

There are few things more stressful than facing an all-powerful, fear-inducing, blood-curdling being: your future boss. Though we aren’t yet successful doctors or stockbrokers, we still have contracts...

Working a minimum wage job introduces new perspectives in an otherwise “sheltered” town such as Westport.

Working a minimum wage job illuminates the realities of socio-economic privilege

Ella Shi ’23, Features Editor December 14, 2021

For most, working for a mere $13 an hour is unglamorous and undesirable. So, when I got a job at the Fresh Market in August, I viewed it as just a way to make some extra cash. However, my job taught me...

Making Bank: How Todays Students Earn Money

Making Bank: How Today’s Students Earn Money

Greta Bjornson, News Editor April 12, 2013

Clothing, accessories, and gas. These are all items that Leigha Grushkin ’13 buys with the money that she earns in her job as a cashier at Ace Hardware. With parents who only pay for her insurance,...

From The Halls of Staples to the Miami Heat: The Story of Tom Haberstroh '04

May 15, 2011
In 2004 Tom Habestroh was a player on the Staples Wreckers basketball team. Today he covers the team that is making all the headlines in the NBA.

Jock Talk Take Two- Professional Athletes Recieve Preferential Treatment, Second Chances for Talent

December 3, 2010
Ross Gordon '11 expresses his own opinion about second chances in the sports world.

Veterans Day 2010 Getting the Job Done

November 21, 2010
Was Veterans Day 2010 a success? Were the soldiers who fought so bravely for our country properly honored? Read more to find out!

Chronicles of my After-School Employment

November 12, 2010
Sam Freeman '11 describes her experiences at her after-school job.

Students Balance Jobs and School Work

November 12, 2010
How do students manage to balance their after-school jobs and their school-related responsabilities? Read on to find out!

The Tenderness of Tenure

October 26, 2010
As hard as it may be to believe, most students want to learn. Some believe that tenure is preventing this. Read on to find out more about the tender and controversial subject!

Sharing the Knowledge: Students Help Students in the Academic Department

October 22, 2010
The average life of a student is an endless cycle of sleeping, eating and working, but some find the time to do the unthinkable, and not only to be taught seven hours a day, but also to teach others.
August 19, 2010 | Paint Job

August 19, 2010 | Paint Job

August 19, 2010
11:40 a.m. A painter applies a fresh coat of paint to a column in the Staples Library Media Center. The walls of the library were repainted this summer

Seniors Still At School Question Their Decision to Stay

June 23, 2010
The small percentage of seniors who chose not to take internships share why they made this choice.
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