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Netflix released season four of Drive to Survive on March 13. Drive to Survive captures the behind-the-scenes moments of the Formula 1 race season, including team rivalries, driver lineups and the role of money in the sport.

Season four of ‘Drive to Survive’ delivers the behind the scenes of a thrilling Formula 1 season

Hannah Ratcliffe ’22, Web Arts Editor May 3, 2022

Following each Formula 1 season full of intense racing, fierce rivalries and emotional outcomes, Netflix releases a season of “Drive to Survive,” a 10-episode special that dives deep into the sport...

‘Define feminine, I’m feminine’ trend takes over TikTok to embrace women’s differences and challenge societal expectations.

‘Define feminine, I’m feminine’ TikTok trend portrays societal expectations of women, highlights women’s differences

Hannah Ratcliffe ’22, Web Arts Editor March 27, 2022

As I scroll through TikTok--a social media app meant for sharing fun, harmless videos--it’s hard not to notice the prevalent negative comments on girls’ videos. I brace myself each time I open the...

New Ukraine Support Club takes place at Staples where students can learn more about the current war against Russia and Ukraine as well as ways they can make a difference.

New Ukraine Support Club provides methods to take action

March 25, 2022

Due to the current Russian-Ukrainian War, many students have experienced a feeling of helplessness, as it is unclear what they can do to make a difference. As a result, Thomas Sargent ’22 and other student...

The Spot attends first competition at Breakout Dance Competition

The Spot attends first competition at Breakout Dance Competition

Hannah Ratcliffe ’22, Web Arts Editor March 24, 2022

The Olympics are facing backlash for allowing 15 year old figure skater Kamila Valieva to continue competing at the 2022 Winter games despite testing positive for banned performance enhancing substances.

2022 Beijing Olympics present double standards in drug testing

Hannah Ratcliffe ’22, Web Arts Editor March 8, 2022

After receiving a positive drug test for an intoxicant called THC in marijuana following her mother’s death, American track athlete Sha'Carri Richardson was denied the chance to compete in the 2020 Tokyo...

Assembly Bill 245 was passed in California on Oct. 6, 2021 by Governor Gavin Newsom to prohibit public universities from misidentifying students on their diplomas and school reports.

New Assembly Bill 245 should inspire Staples High School to create a more inclusive community

Hannah Ratcliffe ’22, Web Arts Editor October 15, 2021

California became the first state on Oct. 6, 2021, to approve Assembly Bill 245, the Affirming Transgender and Nonbinary Student's Names in College Bill, banning public colleges from deadnaming transgender...

Customers order by the window of The Tasty Yolk food truck in Fairfield while the staff cooks and prepares everything from brussel sprouts to bacon and egg breakfast sandwiches.

Tasty Yolk food trucks provide original, accessible breakfast option

Hannah Ratcliffe ’22, Web Arts Editor September 28, 2021

Food trucks have become increasingly popular in Connecticut, offering an efficient and tasty meal. Tacos, burgers and lobster dishes have become available within minutes throughout Westport and neighboring...

The Department of Education announced that Connecticut schools will not be required to offer distance learning to students for the 2021-2022 school year, creating speculation regarding Staples’ plans for the fall.

Westport Public Schools not required to provide online learning option for future academic years

Hannah Ratcliffe ’22, Web Arts Editor June 1, 2021

Superintendent Thomas Scarice announced that the Westport Public Schools, in accordance with the Department of Education, would not be offering remote learning for the next school year on May 21, eliminating...

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