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A or AP?: U.S. History Honors in Danger of Elimination

May 27, 2011

U.S. History Honors, a course originally created nine years ago by a Board of Education (BOE) directive to create more honors-level courses at Staples, is on the verge of extinction. “I think in general,...

Guidance Plans to Release Schedules for the 2011-12 School Year

May 25, 2011

Unlike past years when students have attended arena to design their own schedules, this year the guidance department has created student’s schedules using a schedule generator on the computer. The guidance...

20,000 Sheets A Day: Staples' Paper Addiction

May 14, 2011

Emily Goldberg '12 and Farrel Levenson '11 Web Managing Editor and Staff Writer According to main office secretary Mari Caroll who orders all of Staples paper, Staples goes through 200,000 sheets...

Candlelight Behind the Scenes

December 3, 2010

It is almost time for the 70th Candlelight concert at Staples High School. Much has changed as a new choir director replaces former director Alice Lipson, and a music secretary was let go due to budget...

December 2, 2010 l Good Things Come in Small Packages

December 2, 2010

1:38 p.m.  Not so small, actually, Delaney Grace Anderson-Furlong made a visit with her mother Rebecca to the English department.  Delany is now seven weeks old and 10 pounds.  Her mother is returning...

Students Feel Conduct Codes Fail to Deter Illegal Behavior

November 12, 2010

Image via Wikipedia At the moment that a student who attends Staples High School is arrested by a local police officer, an enveloped report of the arrest is sent through the mail directly to the Superintendent...

Fire Truck Comes to Staples

October 22, 2010

During period 6 on Friday, October 22, students were rushed outside for a firedrill. As the Westport Fire Department pulled up to Staples, they soon discovered that there was not a fire, but rather...

Teachers Educate in Style

October 22, 2010

Emily Goldberg '12 Web News Editor Although Staples teachers may not strut down runways at fashion shows, they do have their own specific styles. Many teachers have made memorable fashion statements. Chemistry...

Productivity or Anger Management? The Controversy

October 16, 2010

One of the largest discussions that seems to circulate all year long among the Staples student body is which teachers one has received on his or her schedule. Some students hear about “good”...

October 13, 2010 | Be-Bop the Red Eared Slider

October 13, 2010

3:06 p.m. The biology department's pet turtle, Be-Bop swims around in her 40-gallon tank in rm. 3002. She chews on a bone for calcium and plays with ping-pong balls to avoid boredom. She eats fish, likes...

Students Five Tips for a Successful Arena

Students’ Five Tips for a Successful Arena

June 15, 2010

Sammie Hardy '11 Web Opinions Editor From the moment the master schedule arrives inside the guidance department, the chaos begins. Almost every student is either in the conflict resolution line or...

Photo by Ross Gordon 11

June 9, 2010 | Memory Books

June 9, 2010

11:05 a.m. Rachel Upton '10 purchases her new 2010 Staples yearbook from Barbara Wiederecht. Yearbooks are available for purchase today in the hallway across from the guidance department.

THEY OWN THESE HALLS: (from left to right) Eric Mongirdas, Jonathan Shepro, Jesse Bauks, Lenny Klein, Brian Scott and David Willick walk down a second floor hallway.

The Boys are Back in Town: A New Perspective on Faculty Friendships

May 28, 2010

Michael Berlin '11 & Jordan Glick '11 Guest Writers Forget Vinny Chase and Ari Gold; Staples has its own Entourage. Informally known as the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, these learned...

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