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Teachers prevent online cheating by changing assessments

Teachers prevent online cheating by changing assessments

Lucy Dockter ’23, Staff Writer

October 13, 2020

It can always be a challenge to ensure students uphold the honor code as they take tests. This year, as half of the student body is working online at any given time, it has become increasingly difficult for teachers to manage cheating.  When students take tests from home, it is pretty easy to look off-screen at notes in a number o...

Houston Astros’ cheating scandal enrages baseball community, sets bad example for fans

 After news broke that the Astros were found guilty of stealing signs during their 2017 and 2019 seasons, the team has been hated by fans from all over the country.

Reilly Caldwell ’20, Features Editor

March 23, 2020

As I watched Jose Altuve hit a monstrous walk-off home run to send the Houston Astros to the World Series and beat the New York Yankees during game six of the 2019 ALCS, I was heartbroken. Although it was painful as a Yankee fan to watch Altuve celebrate his win, it seemed as if the better team won. Ho...

Dozens of people arrested in alleged college admissions scam

Dozens of people arrested in alleged college admissions scam

March 13, 2019

Emily Stone '20 Over four dozen people, including actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, have been charged in a nationwide college admission cheating scandal based off of evidence released by the FBI and US Attorney’s office. According to court records released on March 12, wealthy parents...

Tom Brady deserves his punishment

Tom Brady deserves his punishment

Brendan Massoud, Web Sports Editor

May 13, 2015

Following the recent conclusion of the “Deflategate” scandal, many football fans, specifically those who support the New England Patriots, have been left questioning the punishments dealt to the Patriots and their golden-boy quarterback, Tom Brady. However, these dedicated, some might say irratio...

Taking Tests In The Age of The Internet: Cheating Becomes More Prevalent

Photo by Madeline Hardy '11

May 18, 2010

Rachel Guetta '13 and Constance Chien '10 Opinions Editor and Staff Writer   All it took were a few keywords on Google, a click, and a download. The AP Environmental final was suddenly within the grasp of a student about to take the same final. It seemed that what ha...

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