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Many players play the base form of minecraft and enjoy the endless possibilities in a naturally generated world. For others, the game becomes completely customizable with add-ons that create new dimensions within the game, or allow you to make all of the animals 100 blocks tall or just a few pixels big.

Minecraft helps the stressed and overworked overcome brain-melting status

Aidan Rogers, Creative Director January 5, 2022

When you think of video games, you think of “Call of Duty,” “Fortnite” and other war and shooting simulators. These enable adults to assure that every game is a brain-melting, criminal-making,...

Seniors praise impactful courses

Aidan Rogers ’22, Creative Director October 28, 2021

Traditional campus tours are still limited because of COVID-19 regulations, but schools like Washington University in St. Louis (above) are beginning to offer self-guided tours. Visitors are given maps, phone apps or instructions to take them around to staple landmarks on campus.

Pandemic college exploration proves insufficient

Aidan Rogers ’22 September 24, 2021

From inflated price tags to overvalued rankings and evaluations, the college application process is inherently flawed. This experience for the class of 2022 has been increasingly faulty as students have...

The Longshore Golf Course is a public golf course in Westport where town residents can pay to hit at the driving range or play a round of golf. The Staples golf team practices at the course four days a week, playing nine holes.

Boys’ golf match comes down to last stroke

Aidan Rogers ’22, Staff Writer May 28, 2021

Staples boys’ golf team tied number one ranked Greenwich with a score of 149, playing their home course at Longshore Golf Course on Tuesday, May 25. The match came down to a potential winning putt...

Billie Eilish’s ‘Your Power’ reflects a personal, artistic transition

Billie Eilish’s ‘Your Power’ reflects a personal, artistic transition

Aidan Rogers '22, Creative Director May 11, 2021

Black hair with neon green highlights, long nails, baggy clothing and a taste for the gorry and horrific. Like many teenagers, Billie Eilish has gone through a gothic faze in attire, public persona and...

The Golden Globes have been known for controversy beyond 2021. In years past, issues with hosts, controversial speeches, and celebrities’ post-drinking decision making have put the Golden Globes under scrutiny.

The Golden Globes undermine artistic appreciation

Aidan Rogers ’22, Paper Arts Editor March 16, 2021

Art is objectively subjective. Shows and movies, while presented through screens and speakers, are first and foremost pieces of art. Having the film industry revolve around award shows changes the very...

Steps to effectively clean winter vehicle

Aidan Rogers '22, Creative Director March 8, 2021  

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