Barely taking a break


Daniela Karpenos, Staff Writer

Who needs to sleep in when you can take numerous 6 hour car rides with your family? Who needs to actually unwind and recharge this February break?

The answer to these questions is “me,” but as it turns out that’s not the right answer.

According to adults, I should be wildly intrigued to visit colleges my entire break—after all, I’m choosing the place where I will live for four years.

Instead, being my lazy self, I would much rather watch Netflix and lie around all day. Beyond that, this break I could have finally discovered what it’s like to not suffer the effects of sleep deprivation (I’ve heard great things about it).

But, the problem isn’t the college tour itself. While shuffling in a mob around campus and racking my brain for intelligent questions at the information session can be wearisome, it’s ultimately interesting and of substantial value.

What makes the concept of college touring all of February break so unbearable is the absurd amount of travel.

I leave Friday night and return home Sunday afternoon; then I leave Monday morning and return home late Tuesday night. This sort of pattern continues to the point where I’m spending more hours in a cramped car than at the destinations themselves.

Not to mention the inevitable arguments that will break out among my family during these car rides, and the terrible neck cramp I will get for foolishly trying to take a nap leaning against the window.

Don’t get me wrong though—there are upsides to this on-the-go February break. Because I’m visiting eight colleges in the span of four days, I will have each one fresh in my mind to allow me to compare them to the best of my abilities.

This doesn’t excuse the fact that my break will be the least bit enjoyable, but at least I will finally be able to answer questions about my future when I’m interrogated at family parties.