Looking Back on Middle School

Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by Elizabeth Camche.

Hopefully, my life is unlike the movie Mean Girls, and there aren’t too many of you raising your hands, but I’ll admit, I probably could have been a little bit more pleasant in middle school. I’m sure about 80% of high school girls can look back on those three years and think the exact same thing.

Cut us some slack; middle school was a rough time in our lives. We had minimal schoolwork to keep us occupied, and picking the color of our braces was our biggest monthly decision. So there had to be something else for us to spend our time on. Our social lives were everything, and for some reason, I was always the center of conflict.

I had a solid group of about six girlfriends, and I would have a new go-to every month. They would rotate in and out as my best friend, and the rest would be excluded from our plans.

I am not quite sure who I thought I was, recycling friends like this, but something made me think I had the authority.

At lunch, there might as well been “reserved” signs on each table because everyone had their own and no one dared to switch it up.

If you don’t usually sit with us, you can’t sit with us!

Fights began from pure boredom, and if I wasn’t happy with someone, they were NOT invited to my bat-mitzvah. Of course I would re-invite them when we made up, but that was a threat that nobody wanted to mess with.

“Girl drama was over stupid, small things,” Maggie Fiolek ’15 said. “When one person fights, everyone likes to get involved.”

It’s true: during these arguments, it was absolutely crucial to have an alliance, especially during the incredibly irrational Bedford vs. Coleytown wars.

It was exactly what it sounds like: a feud between Coleytown students and Bedford students. I was a Coleytown girl, and of course I got caught in the crossfire.

The fuel of the fire: BOYS. Coleytown girls were hanging out with Bedford boys and visa versa.

Neither of us was pleased, but all we could do was blame each other.

Believe it or not, this tension carried over into freshman year.

We only mended the middle school rivalry sophomore year, realizing how silly it all was.

It’s senior year, and everything is as it should be. Kindness replaced hostility.

Our judgmental thoughts and cruel actions have come to an end due to our growing maturity.

High school is so fetch!