Protests start after Trump’s election win

Protests start after Trump's election win

Ben Stein ’18

Donald Trump won the presidency on November 8. That doesn’t mean that everyone is thrilled about it. Throughout the country there are protests, as many people do not support him. Many protests have people saying things like “not my president” or “I’m with her”. These protests however, do seem somewhat un-American to many.

Sophie McCabe ‘19, an avid Trump supporter, was really disappointed in what people were doing. She said, “I think that most of the liberals who are protesting need to acknowledge the other side of the story and how they would feel if Trump lost and we were protesting. Chances are they would be telling us to stop protesting, yet they get angry if we try to reason with them.”

Another Staples student, Dan Kliene ‘18 had strong opinions on this topic. He said, “They need to grow up.”

“I think they need to at least acknowledge the hypocrisy of it all,” Rick Eason, another strong follower of the election and of politics in general, stated. “For weeks before the election all anyone would say was ‘Trump won’t accept the results unless he wins’ and now they’re burning American flags in the streets.”

However, Seren Becker ‘19 went to the protests, she said, “I went to a protest with a friend in union square which marched on 5th avenue in NYC to the Trump Towers. It was actually really fun, and I wasn’t excepting to necessarily enjoy going to the protest. Either way, I wanted to go to a protest to stand up for my personal beliefs that no president of the United States should be sexist, racist, or anti-gay.” She went on to say, “But the thing that surprised me was how welcoming the whole entire community of people at the protests were. Everyone had their own reasons to be at the protest or a specific topic that trump was connected to that had a personal connection to one person.”