Town of Westport experiences multitude of heavy renovations


Construction in Westport, centered in the downtown area and on Post Road, has been increased due to a delay in schedule that originated from several years back.

The renovation of the roads started a number of years ago when  Westport Town Public Works proposed to redo  town roads. However, given the economic circumstance at the time, “the budget for road repairs was substantially cut. Tom Lasersohn, Board of Finance (BOF) member, said And as a result we fell behind in our maintenance of the roads.”

Many Westport residents  have noticed an abnormal amount of construction centered in the downtown and Post-Road area. The Compo shopping center, in particular, has undergone major renovation; the hill in the back has been flattened to become a much larger than already existing parking lot, as well as the front of some of the buildings are being redone.

Additionally, there has been road work outside of Staples in the afternoon. The road work has created mixed opinions among teachers and students. Some students are trying  to staying positive about gaining experience while others are not so forgiving.

“For me it’s really scary because that means I have to be extra cautious, but I think that some of it is for repaving and making better roads, so in the long run it’ll benefit me as a driver,” Katherine Coogan ’17 said.

Students are also having trouble with the parking lot behind the YMCA.  “I think it is extremely annoying.” Ronan May ’15 said, “I was ready to get back to the gym and workout at the Y, but when I went to find a parking space, there was a huge chain fence around half the lot for no reason,”

The school historian, Dan Woog, mentioned  in his blog 06880, that the major construction project  on the Minuteman statue is starting to affect town spirit.  “On Halloween, no one turned him [the Minuteman Statue] into a ghost or pirate. It’s Christmas time — but no Santa hat. Easter is far off, but already we’re worrying the Minuteman won’t wear his traditional rabbit ears,” Woog wrote.

Although it has taken a rather long time to finish, Westport residents are happy about the renovation since the statue is one of Westport’s most iconic features.

Stephen Edwards, head of Westport Public Works Department, was unable to be reached for comment.