Students hope superintendent Landon makes right call


Photo courtesy MCT Campus

Gabrielle Feinsmith, Sports Editor

Typically the first day back from break entails students reminiscing over the relaxing 12- day vacation they just had by sharing stories and catching up with one another.

However, today there was a different conversation going around school.

“Is there going to be a snow day?” filled the halls as students were constantly checking for weather updates on smart phones. According to John Miller, a social studies and environmental teacher, out of the five classes he teaches, he heard at least 60 students discussing the possibility of a snow day.

Staples students have hyped up this blizzard in large part because Westport currently has a Winter Storm Warning that will remain intact until 1 p.m. on Friday. Snow is expected to accumulate 6-10 inches with wind gusts up to 35 mph, according to various weather reports.

Although most students agree that there should absolutely be a snow day, some are skeptical because midterms are right around the corner. “We should have a snow day. However, considering midterms it’s a toss-up because the Board of Education wouldn’t want to change the schedule,” said Nicole Kiker ’16.

In the event of a snow day tomorrow, the exam schedule will be pushed back. Tests will begin on Monday, January 13th and continue until Thursday, January 16th. The five day weekend will not be affected, and make-up day will be the Tuesday following Martin Luther King Jr. Day, according to assistant principal Patrick Micinilio.

The altered schedule doesn’t seem to bother many. Most faculty and students seem more concerned with their safety.

Students and faculty said they realize the severity of this storm and hope Superintendent Elliott Landon will make the right call despite his track record.

“There’s no way there should be school because Elliott Landon would endanger the lives of students and faculty. Considering what happened last storm, it would be a poor choice to make the same mistake,” said Ryan Ruggiano ’14.

School closings are a touchy subject around Staples considering Westport’s past failures to close schools in dangerous conditions. Students said they are fed up with Landon’s decisions and pray tomorrow doesn’t end with roads filled with accidents.

“There better be a snow day, or else Landon is going to have a ton of criticism,” Michael Jennings ’16 said.