Bus Drivers’ Union and Dattco Officials Reach Settlement


Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

Bus drivers and Dattco officials agreed upon a new four year contract this past weekend, averting any possibility of a strike.

Ellie Gavin, Staff Writer

For those who were clinging to the hope that there would indeed be a bus strike, this is bad news. There has been a settlement.

This past weekend, negotiations came to a close as both the drivers union and officials at Dattco agreed upon a contract.

According to a Dattco press release, the drivers voted unanimously to accept the terms of the new four-year contract proposed by Dattco.

Negotiations were led by a federal mediator and took place over the past week, which was deemed a “cooling off period”

Specifics of the contracts were not addressed in the press release, and many drivers who are not union members are still unaware of the specifics. However, according to an anonymous driver, the drivers’ demands for more hours and fair pay have been addressed. The driver says that for the most part, he is satisfied.

Dattco officials said they are happy to have avoided a strike.

Chief Operating Officer Cliff Gibson said in the release, “Our highest priority is ensuring that Westport school children have safe and reliable transportation to and from school each and every day.”

Most parents and students have expressed relief that the strike did not occur. “I’m glad there wasn’t a strike, because it would have really screwed up my day,” said James Sinclair ’14.