Scandalous Field Hockey Dance

Good Girls Go Bad
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When the Staples Field Hockey team walked onto the field during the pep rally last Friday there was a relatively fitting tone to the crowd of students and teachers. However, the crowd’s opinions split once the Field Hockey team opened their dance with “Good Girls Go Bad” by Cobra Starship. Staples students along with teachers leaned back—some covering their eyes, others watching entertained.

“I thought it was really amusing,” said Mac Mombello ’10 when asked about his reaction to the performance, “the use of the sticks as poles to dance on was entertaining.”

The general male student body felt similar to Mombello, but girl students, such as one freshman girl, who wished to remain anonymous, found the performance to be, “A little promiscuous,” and that “it made [girls students] feel a little uncomfortable…[the use of poles] was degrading to the whole idea of a girl’s sport.”

When asking other students about their opinions, some were not as one sided as Mombello and the freshman girl. Julia Edelman ’11, believes that “The field hockey dance has always been played up to be more inappropriate than it actually is.” She went on to say that it did not bother her as it did others.

Two of the tri-captains of the Field Hockey team, Amanda Stewart ‘10 and Lucy Goss ’10, refused to comment about the dance.