The Wreckers edged the Cardinals


Rob Vallone’14 pitching for the Wreckers.

It’s only the beginning of the season and yet, the Staples boys’ baseball team has already hit a couple of big home runs, one of them a win against Greenwich in a very close win last Thursday with a score of 2-1, making their overall record 4-1.

According to Nathan Panzer’16 (#4),“As a team, we have a ‘next game up’ mentality. Obviously, we value all our games, but playing an in-conference game against arguably our biggest rivals made this one extremely important. Going into the game with the record that we have, we felt really loose as a team and felt like we could be more aggressively today.”

Rob Vallone’14 (#11) pitched for six innings of the game.

Noah Yokoi (#6) had a line drive single and almost had a homerun towards the middle of the game with a 320 foot shot center field.

In the last three innings, Justin Gallanty’14 (#32) pitched and had a very successful outing.

“I thought I did well, but I couldn’t have done it without my amazing fielders and coaches,” Gallanty said.

Nick Vega’14 (#3) also had a good eye batting throughout and completed a very successful sacrifice bunt in the ninth inning.

Ultimately, Adam Dulsky’14 (#24) had a huge role in the game as a catcher and batter. Even when he was hit by the ball a couple of times, he easily shook it off and helped lead the team with a shallow fly ball that dropped to win the game after the Cardinals intentionally walked Sam Ellinwood’14 (#8).

Even though it was April vacation, there was still a large crowd of fans and parents out there on a chilly day supporting the players and anticipating another great victory.

You could also tell that there was a great amount of enthusiasm and energy coming from the Wreckers whenever their teammates were up to bat.

Make sure to come out and support the Wreckers at their next home game on April 25. at 4:00 p.m versus Fairfield Warde.