Staples Boys’ Tennis Tryouts

Gabrielle Feinsmith, Sports Editor

On Wed. March 26th, Staples students trying out for the boys’ tennis team gathered on the courts for their third day of tryouts. The stands were filled with freezing athletes, all nervous for this stressful week.

A total of 40 boys are trying out. 24 athletes are trying out for varsity and 16 for junior varsity.

“The level is looking good and I think we are going to get great players this year,” Josh Moskovitz ’15 said.

Players who have already been on varsity are not required to tryout. However, they still attend tryouts because they say it’s a great way to start the season and bond with one another.

For those trying out, the process is nerve wracking. On the first day, four people play on a court. The two players with the most points move up a court and the bottom two players move down a court. For the next four days, Coach Kris Hrisovolus makes two draws that are in the style of a round robin. On Friday, Hrisovolus will make the first cuts and take the top six players, who will play sets against one another next week. Two more cuts are made, and the top four players make varsity.

The 36 degree weather did not stop the athletes from playing their hardest. According to those trying out, they have worked all year for this.

“I have been focusing on staying calm and being consistent. I have been playing a lot of tennis to prepare,” Griffin Haymes ’15 said.

Hrisovolus is looking for certain types of players that will carry his team to victory.

“For the kids trying out for JV I’m looking for improvement from last year. For kids trying out for varsity, I’m looking for growth ability and consistency,” Hrisovolus said.

There are currently seven seniors on varsity, and three juniors. “We’re hoping to add a bunch of underclassmen who can continue to support the team after the seniors leave,” co-captain, Luke Foreman ’14, said.

The team has lost in the finals to Greenwich for the past three years, so they’re hoping that with new players, Staples will have a chance to win FCIACs.

“It’s my last season so I want to end with a bang. This is our year,” Connor Mitnick ’14 said.