Three Male Managers of Girls’ Basketball

This year, Saba Goodarzi ‘15, Phil Foise ‘15, and Nadav Friedman ‘15 became the first male managers of the Staples girls’ basketball team in the last five year. The responsibilities that come with the position are demanding; however, the experience is both entertaining and rewarding.

Saba Goodarzi:

“When they look back in the annals of history, they are going to be talking about three things: the discovery of fire, the invention of the submarine, and the three male managers of the Staples girls’ basketball team,” Goodarzi said.

Goodarzi, a seasoned NBA-watcher and rec. basketball player, is thrilled for the opportunity to manage the Staples girls’ basketball team. Since this is his first managerial position for a sports team, the experience will be both skill-enhancing and entertaining.

“I became a manager because basketball is a game of fighting, sweat, rap, and frankly I’d rather watch,” Goodarzi said. “It’s a game of passion, and what’s more passionate than to help this talented group of girls win a state championship.”

Phil Foisie:

Since he has managed countless fantasy basketball teams, Foisie believes he is not only fit for the job, but well-equipped and prepared.

“I have always had a long-lived passion for ‘b-ball,’ so the decision was easy,” Foisie said. “While I’m not very good at it, playing with the girls is great practice for when the rec. season comes around.”

According to Foisie, the requirements for the position aren’t unreasonable and for the most part enjoyable. He and his co-managers must fill-out expected stats in the game, along with the positive rebounds, fouls, and win/lose tie-ups.

“Occasionally, the coach will have us join in during the practice to rough some of the girls up.”

Nadav Friedman:

Friedman has always been an avid fan of Lady Wreckers’ basketball, as well as interested in the coaching of the game. When Goodarzi introduced the idea of managing the girls’ team, Friedman eagerly accepted.

In addition to attending every weekday practice and game, the three managers aid the coach in a variety of ways, from recording statistics during the games to stepping in and playing defense during practices.

“We’re an underratedly fun team with good fundamentals,” Friedman said. “This is my first managing stint, but hopefully this opens the door for us to go down as the greatest managers in Lady Wreckers history.”

With this additional leadership, the bar is set high for Lady Wreckers basketball team. Staples students should without a doubt come to a game or two to witness the girls in action.