Sailing Preview

Matt Hawes
Senior Staff Writer

The Staples Sailing squadron has much to look forward to in the upcoming spring.


The team is coached by Marc Jacobi and led by senior captains Sebastian Hein ’10 and Grace Lewis ’10.  The sailing team also added new assistant coach Mike Costello to the already strong coaching staff.

 “He has many years of experience on the water and he has unique input on certain situations,” Hein said of Costello.

 The sailing team is looking to make a splash this year despite the loss two of their main skippers James Kammert ’09 and Andrew Koellenstein ’09 to graduation. The team has been in the process of training new people for the ever important jobs. Never the less the sailing team has made big strides over the last couple years. More students are trying out than ever before and Captain Sebastian Hein ‘10 feels the popularity of the sport is growing.

 “This is the first year we are having a Junior Varsity team. We are excited for the opportunities and we can’t wait to grow as a team,” said Hein.

 The team races their regattas in 420 two man boats. There is one person at the helm who steers the boat. The other person sits in the front and controls the jib, a small sail at the front of the boat. While many people do not know much about the sport of sailing, the team looks to have a successful year.

 “They are a young team and we’re in a building stage. We are try to sail steady.” We are focusing on improvement. It’s not so much how we finish but how much we improve.”

 Although the team is young, Hein is not worried about facing the challenges that presents themselves with an inexperienced squad.

“I go out on the water and I just help coaches communicate their message.”

Jacobi agrees with his captain.

“We have two terrific captains and they make my job easier.”

 This year the team will face their two biggest competitors Darien and Greens Farms Academy. With the loss of Kammert and Koellenstein, other sailors such as Trevor Shippee ‘10, Venetia Stanley’10, Tommy Hood ‘10, Henry Dumke ‘13, Sarah Hyman ‘11, and Emily Bicks ‘12 will all be expected to step up.