#dailytrends: Staples Students Allocate Different Trends for Different Days of the Week

Throwback Thursday: “#tbt” is the most overused hashtag on Thursday on every social media website. Throwback Thursday is a weekly Instagram event when people post old pictures of themselves, usually from their childhood or a “while” ago.

“#tbt” consists of pictures showing how tan you were in Florida last vacation, how you and your sibling’s had 90’s haircuts, how you had a metal mouth, and the worst- how you took a selfie of you and your friend from earlier that day.

“It’s fun reminiscing with old pictures and seeing other people as kids, or things that you normally wouldn’t have remembered. It’s something everybody does” Lexy Iannacone ’15 said.

Other hash tags like “#flashbackfriday” or “#memorymonday” are for lazy Instagramers who forgot to do a #tbt on Thursday.

Thrift Shop Thursday: After the song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore came out, (a Macklemore guide to thrift store shopping,) some students headed for Goodwill to “pop some tags”.

Staples students find Thrift Shop Thursday just another excuse to wear their Grandpa’s vintage clothing, or a tacky worn-out sweater.

“We admire the originality of vintage” Brandon Schock ’16 said.

Nick Ribolla ’16, “the CEO, founder, flounder, president, creator, and dictator of Thrift Shop Thursdays” according to Jack Bowman ’15, started by asking his friends to participate in a weekly Thrift Shop Thursday.

“Well, basically, it started as just me providing myself with an excuse to wear ridiculous clothes that I’d gathered over the years.Then that Macklemore song “Thrift Shop” got really popular, and so the name just kind of stuck.” Ribolla said.

“It’s definitely a great way to actually have something to say when someone asks ‘why are you wearing that?’ other than the obvious ‘Why aren’t you?’” Bowman added.

According to Julia Greene ’15, people celebrate Thrift Shop Thursday because, “It’s fun, it helps bonding, and it’s a good reason to wear a collection of ugly sweaters.”

Thrift Shop Thursday attire can be bought at Goodwill or anything “that is vintage or looks like it’s obviously from a thrift shop or even a hand-me-down” to Bridget van Dorsten ’15 said.

Flannel Friday: Flannel Friday is the long-awaited day every week when people are too lazy to actually dress up for school. As a result, they turn to the flannels in their wardrobe.

“I usually just end up wearing flannels on Fridays anyways.” said Nick Moro ’15.

Flannel Friday is more of a unique spirit day than teams who often do black outs or team uniforms and logo wear. The track team decided to switch up their way of showing team spirit.

“Flannel Friday was inspired by Campbell Marsh because of his frequent wear of flannels. Then Campbell and I collaborated to bring it to the track team, and we both hope it will spread around school by our passionate followers,” Oliver Hickson ’15 said.

“We dress up in flannels on Friday to show spirit and team pride the day before meets or the day of meets,” Caroline Accardi ’15 said. “It’s also fun because you can do it every Friday and not just before meets and games.”

As the awareness of Flannel Friday spreads, flannels have gone viral on Fridays. The more flannels, the better.

Camp Day Themes: To many Staples Students, camp is known a second home. Whether there at home or Westport, Connecticut, campers still show off their spirit.

“‘Matamonday’ started in September after camp to show off our Mataponi spirit, no matter what school we go to. Its not every Monday but just some Mondays, and we just dress up in camp clothes to bring spirit.” Jessica Spector ’15 said.

Similar to a Throwback Thursday, Modin Mondays includes pictures specific to Camp Modin. “We decided that one day everyone who went to Modin and Staples should wear Modin logowear on Monday. It was really great to have all of us represent our camp,” said Julia Kaner ’13.

“The word spread throughout the camp that ‘Modin Monday’ was a thing and tons of people regardless of their age started to post on Instagram ‘Modin Monday’ pictures,” Lauren Weinberger ’13 said.

Modin campers at Staples decided it would be a great idea to wear Modin apparel on Monday. The theme day was confirmed through text, and a picture was taken to show the campers’s spirit after.

“Julia Kaner and myself were in the same bunk at camp and every Monday we always yell ‘Modin Monday’ to each other in the hallway. It’s just a nice way of remembering camp once a week,” Weinberger added.