Counties: Worth the Drama?

Gabrielle Feinsmith, Staff Writer

Imagine a big ballroom filled with students from schools all over Fairfield County, including Fairfield Ludlowe, Fairfield Warde, Weston, Westport and Wilton. All girls are seen to be wearing beautiful dresses accompianed by their dates. Dancing goes on throughout the whole night and students gather with their friends.

Every girl is wearing an eye-catching sparkly dress. It is a fairytale that every girl dreams about. This night is the first high school dance that students have been waiting for since their freshman year.

As the annual Counties Assemblies comes closer and closer, junior girls hope that the night will be a sucess. The tradition of Counties is that the girl asks the guy to be their date, which is very different from Prom.

Sounds like a nice switch up right? Guess again! Junior girls have been beyond stressed since the end of their sophomore year. Most are worried about finding a date in time. No girl, wants to be left dateless for her first high school dance.

“I really don’t think Counties is worth the stress,” said Ruby Steinberg ’14. Of course everyone is going to have an amazing night, but there is no need for everyone to be stressing about it already.” The drama regarding Counties started many months before the actual event. The fact people start to worry about their date months in advance only makes their classmates more anxious about the event.

Many are worrying about finding a date. “I asked my date the start of the school year when everyone went crazy calling dibs on who they were planning on asking,” said Dayna Gelman ’14. It seems outrageous that the girls ask their date so many months in advanced, but to them it’s a neccesity.

Picking a date early seems like it would be a smart idea. However, it could turn out to backfire.

“If people are to ask their boyfriends now, how do they know that they will still be in that relationship in January?” said Taylor Jacobs ’14.

Finding a date can be challenging but it is something that needs to be accomplished. Once it is out of the way, the stress should finally be over.

The junior girls are beyond stressed, while the boys are relaxed due to the fact they don’t have to ask a date. “I think that counties is a pretty good idea. I like the fact that the girls get to choose which guys they want to ask,” said Brendan Willigan ’14.

On top of the date dilemma, all girls attending Counties are required to wear long dresses. According to Jennifer Obrien who is on the board of Counties Assemblies, the dress code was changed to honor the tradition of the dance on its 85th anniversary.

The junior girls are very upset about their dress code. “Girls look forward to saving long dresses for senior prom,” said Hannah Lewis ’14.

Although the dress restriction seems to take importance away from senior prom, hopefully the girls will make the best of the situation and it will end up being a night to remember.