Some dress to impress while others dress without stress

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Some dress to impress while others dress without stress

Alexa Vickers, Staff Writer

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During the first week of school, some students come in focused on everyone’s new look. Classes and new teachers are the second thing on their minds. But if one pays close attention, one can see the people who are all about sweatpants with a t-shirt and the people who, no matter what, are in a dress or button-up.

Katy Twombly ’16 is always a well-dressed student, never taking a day off from fashion, with her cute and simple look.

“I generally tend to dress nicely for school all year round because when I just wear comfortable clothes, I am more tired and less focused in my classes,” Twombly said.  Senior girls who keep up with the latest trends, however, say they have entirely different motives.

Tracy Boyer ’15 hasn’t skipped a day of beautification over her entire high school career.

Her hair always sits prim and proper while her shirts are always ironed to a crisp and her bottoms are left without a single crinkle. “Well it’s my last year in school. I want it to be fun and fresh. You don’t get to go to high school again,” Boyer says.

Then there are the students who don’t care from day one. Victoria Tremonte ’16 dresses without stress. “I just don’t see the importance of dressing extra nice on the first day of school, like I just want to keep it real all day everyday,” Tremonte said.

Rachel Taylor ’15, on the other hand, sees her comfort as a way of focus. “It’s just easier for me in the morning, and it helps me concentrate more on my work instead of my appearance.”

Finally, there are the people who sit in the middle of the spectrum.

“Sometimes I dress nicer than I do on other days. It depends, really. I can go from looking fine to homeless chic,” Elizabeth Jordan ’15 said.

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