The Artist’s Club: A Place for Relaxation and Creativity


Photo taken by Nicole DeBlasi

Members of the art club gather around for a meeting

There are over 90 clubs at Staples. You can choose from wonderful charity organizations, several sports clubs, or groups supporting cultures all around the world.

But there is one that students seem to overlook: The Artist’s Club.

Michael Abrams, ‘14, the president of the group, explained that his goal for this group is for,”artists to come together and explore the artistic world”.

Initiated by Ben Goldschlager, 14’ and Abrams, The Artist’s Club involves the community by using the artistic skills of its members for projects in Staples, in other places in Westport, or simply for a chance to meet new people. It began at the beginning of this year and has grown to more than 30 members, with meetings every Tuesday after school in Room 1009.

It may sound like your average club meeting once a week, but this group is painting the town–literally.

Around Halloween, the Artists Club painted the storefronts of several shops in Westport for some holiday spirit. Another big success they had was bringing in Miggs Burroughs, a well-known local artist, to speak about his life, his artwork and work on a project with the young artists.

In a recent interview, Abrams also said that, “Gingerbread house making was fun” and “some of them we brought to Best Buddies.”

A fan favorite of the artists was a clever and resourceful one: light shades made out of spoons to create a shell-like pattern that illuminated the room.

A more recent project was designing unique patterns that were collaged together on a large, brilliant yellow star that hung proudly at the Best Buddies Ball on Saturday, May 11. It represented individuality being stitched together to create a brighter whole. This originality seems to be a common theme considering how eclectic the the people and projects are for the Artists Club.

“I met a lot of really cool people that I wouldn’t have talked to because I wouldn’t have seen them at school”, said Rachel Paul, the treasurer for the club.

Perhaps what makes The Artist’s Club so moving is the relaxed nature that let’s the members be serious about their art or simply make art for fun and enjoy the company of fellow artists. From students interested in simple sketching to intricate origami, the range of opportunities and seriousness can fit the needs of the everyday doodler to the next Picasso.

“You can use all of the different mediums. It’s a great way to learn and become immersed in the different mediums of art,” said Noah Johnson, 14’, a new member of the club.

Whether it is the sharp lines of a pencil, soft brush of paint, or rich textures from acrylic–this club offers a haven to relax and enjoy what the creative side of your brain has to offer. With all of the pressures at Staples, the Artists Club is the perfect stress-reliever.

“We’re just trying to make artists at Staples feel welcome in a creative environment”, Abrams said.

“It’s just relaxed and welcoming,” Neloise Egipto, a member of the Artists Club,  also explained at a club meeting

Even if you are truly not into art at all, instead of de-stressing on Facebook or eating a pint of ice-cream, The Artist’s Club is a soothing substitute.