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Student art exhibit opens at Westport Library

Student art exhibit opens at Westport Library

Katie Cion, Editor-in-Chief

April 7, 2014

“Considering Reality,” a new student art exhibit at the Westport Public Library opened Friday for public viewing. The curators, Michael Abrams ’14 and Ben Goldschlager ’14 are members of the teen planning committee at the library and worked with Teen Services Librarian Laina Lewis to put the exhibi...

The Artist’s Club: A Place for Relaxation and Creativity

Members of the art club gather around for a meeting

Kaila Finn, Web A&E Editor

June 8, 2013

There are over 90 clubs at Staples. You can choose from wonderful charity organizations, several sports clubs, or groups supporting cultures all around the world. But there is one that students seem to overlook: The Artist’s Club. Michael Abrams, ‘14, the president of the group, explained that h...

Talented Students Recognized

Child Development teacher Linda McClary recognizes Brynn Werner '13 and Allie Daut '13 for excellence.

Ben Goldschlager, Web News Editor

May 30, 2013

“Legends,” is just one of the words that pottery teacher Jaclyn Jeselnik used to describe some of her students. Today, Thursday, May 30, she chose to recognize seven of her best potters for “Excellence in Pottery,” just as many other elective teachers recognized their finest students at the annua...

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