Tengda Asian Bistro Review


Photo by Jeremy Dreyfuss ’11

Jeremy Dreyfuss ’11
Web News Editor

Photo by Jeremy Dreyfuss '11

Nestled away in a modest shopping center off of Westport’s Post Road is one of Fairfield County’s biggest dining gems, Tengda Asian Bistro. Now in its eighth year of business in a town of many pristine eateries, Tengda has gained a reputation of being one of Westport’s most exotic, fresh and consistent sushi restaurants.

Tengda of Westport is the original location that is part of a trio of restaurants scattered throughout Southern Connecticut. Featuring a diverse menu that is slightly different from the other two locations, Westport’s Tengda showcases a predominantly Japanese menu with hints of Chinese and Thai mixed in. The vast selection of eating opportunities at Tengda include sushi plates, teriyaki and tempura dishes, cooked and uncooked seafood platters, noodle soups and dishes, vegetable dishes, and more. Despite this ranging genre of foods, the chefs at Tengda execute each dish with precision and unvarying quality. Dishes are art directed and as pleasing to the eye as they are to the taste buds.

Perhaps one of Tengda’s most identifiable qualities is its atmosphere. From the time that the diner steps through the doors with handles of ancient shovels, they are in for a unique eating experience. The jovial hostesses greet their visitors with sincerity as they seat them at either the sushi bar or at a table in the compact company of other diners. The restaurant is perfectly illuminated at night, as the golden light emits a positive and vibrant energy on the crowded community of diners on a typical evening. The servers are prompt and rehearsed as they can perfectly describe the contents of even the most intricate dishes. It becomes clear to the diner within just a few minutes that eating at Tengda is more than just a simple meal: it is a dining adventure.

The interior design of Tengda Asian Bistro is one of its distinguishing features. The restaurant’s bright and dynamic mood is fueled by the various colors and textures of the inside. Perhaps the most bedecked feature of the restaurant’s design is its walls. It seems that no two walls throughout the dining space are alike. While one may consist of a deep bronze color with geometric designs, the adjacent wall might be a textured canvas of silver and gold. The interior design of the restaurant perfectly displays its different and distinctive aura.

With all of the positive attributes of Westport’s Tengda Asian Bistro, it’s no wonder that the restaurant continues to soar in popularity. With a combination of great service, atmosphere and food, Tengda truly is one of the areas finest eateries.

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