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Disney’s new film ‘Turning Red,’ attracts controversy while dealing with a new topic never portrayed by Disney productions.

‘Turning Red’: learning how to normalize puberty

Maria Krug '22, Paper Arts Editor March 30, 2022

When looking at the scope of films created by Disney and Pixar, we see little variety among them. Sure, there have been more inclusive films over the years, displaying different communities, but oftentimes...

Catherine Schager and Rebecca Marsick: the iconic duo co-teaching Staples’ newest class, African American/Black & Puerto Rican/Latino studies.

Co-teaching duo thrives in Staples’ newest course

Maria Krug ’22, Paper Arts Editor November 24, 2021

Imagine being able to teach a high school class on a subject you love with your best friend. You work together everyday, brainstorming ideas and coming up with lessons for the class. Well, that is the...

Squid Game,’ the one season Netflix hit, made its debut on Sept. 17 and within less than two weeks, made the top 10 Netflix charts. The drama series is sure to capture the eyes of many with its various symbolism and exciting content.

‘Squid Game’: An explicit commentary on society’s obstacles

Maria Krug ’22, Paper Arts Editor October 24, 2021

Picture this: all your favorite childhood games turned into life or death situations depending on if you win or lose. Intense, I know. This is the basis of the new Netflix show, “Squid Game.” Being...

Movies offer educational lessons beyond entertainment

Movies offer educational lessons beyond entertainment

Maria Krug ’22, Paper Arts Editor June 9, 2021

Students were asked a series of questions regarding their mental health during the pandemic as well as teacher-student relationships. The goal of the survey was to help students with their well-being in the school environment.

Developmental Wellness survey intends to provide intel into students’ well-being

Maria Krug ’22, Paper Arts Editor May 10, 2021

Staples students present in school April 28 through April 30 completed The Developmental Relationships Survey for Youth, a survey organized by the Search Institute with the intention of gathering information...

Thousands of animals are killed and abused in the cosmetic industry daily behind closed laboratory doors. Shedding light on this situation will hopefully open the publics’ eyes to this cruelty.

No animal should die in the name of beauty

Maria Krug ’22, Paper Arts Editor May 6, 2021

Now that April has passed and the Easter bunny is gone, let's have a grown-up conversation about other bunnies. When you think of testing makeup products on animals, don’t be naive. This procedure is...

Newest Controversy: The gender of a potato

Maria Krug '22 March 31, 2021

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