“Little Rocket Man” and “Mentally Deranged U.S. Dotard” hope to make amends for the sake of the world


By Arin Garland ’18


Trump has recently agreed to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un sometime in May, and it could end up being the world’s “greatest deal,” that is if everything goes smoothly.


Though this isn’t the first time North Korea has reached out to the US for peace talks, it is the first time that a US President has accepted. Previous leaders like Clinton, Bush and Obama refused to meet with the regime’s leader due to it being perceived as giving in to their demands and “reward[ing]” their “provocative behavior,” in the words of preceding President, Barack Obama.


However, differing from his predecessors, Trump has agreed to meet with Kim, which I think was a wise and necessary choice. However, what I am curious about is why the sudden change? This is a surprising decision, considering that interactions between the “little rocket man” and the “mentally deranged U.S. dotard” have consisted of nothing more than childish banter. But now, Trump, who had once threatened “fire and fury” upon North Korea has agreed to meet with their leader.


What separates Trump from previous presidents in his decision to meet with Kim is his denial to see North Korea as a real threat to the powerful and omnipotent US. After North Korea threatened to send missiles to US territory, Guam, last August in response to his “fire and fury” comment, but backed down, Trump further taunted their regime by saying they made a “wise” choice and that his comment wasn’t tough enough.” Later in 2017, during his UN speech in September, he claimed that the US would “totally destroy” if North Korea made moves on them or their allies. After a very real threat to US security followed by continuous displays of his bragging prowess, the only conclusion that can be made is that Trump does not take them seriously whatsoever.


Aside from his inflated confidence, another reason why Trump agreed to Kim’s meeting proposal is because of his refusal to lose. Perhaps agreeing to meet with North Korea in the eyes of preceding leaders was seen as giving in, but to Trump, it is seen as backing down.


In January Trump sent out a tweet boasting that his “nuclear button” was much “bigger” and “more powerful” than Kim’s, after the North Korean leader delivered a threatening speech, declaring that he had a nuclear button on his desk. They banter back and forth over the internet and refuse to let the other get the upper hand. Whether it’s the potency of their buttons, or who gets the last word in on social media, both Trump and Kim refuse to back down.


Not only does he not want to lose to Kim, but also to his fellow presidents. “Obama couldn’t have done it.” This phrase by the President says it all; he wants to do what others couldn’t do. He wants his legacy to be “biggest and best you’ve ever seen,” and he won’t lose to anyone else.


As for Kim, well, one can never really tell what’s going on in his mind. He is considering giving up his nuclear program, in exchange for normal diplomatic ties and guaranteed security. Why now? It may be because Kim is feeling the pressure of Trump’s economic sanctions, or true desire for reconciliation.


However, despite my speculation, no one can say for sure what is going on in the frenzied minds of these two leaders. It could be for any number of reasons; maybe they’re fulfilling some unknown agenda or perhaps they thought it was about time.


Whatever the reason, hopefully, Trump, who Kim has previously referred to as “hard of hearing,” will be able to listen to what has to say and maybe even say some smart things in response, and they will be able to come to an agreement, not only for the sake of both countries but of the world.