Slippers are the new sneakers

Slippers are the new sneakers

Adam Kaufman, Web Multimedia Editor

Slippers, better known as moccasins, are not only a fantastic, cozy home for your foot on cold winter days, but they might actually be the most ideal shoe for a treacherous day of school.

Contrary to the Ben Foster’s highly controversial opinion about how slippers are not the new sneakers, I am here to say that in actuality, moccasins possess all of the essential qualities to turn any student’s frown upside down.

Moccasins are the sweatpants of shoes. Their comfort is undeniable, and when paired with the proper outfit, moccassins may prove to be a respectable style choice.

Not to mention, moccasins are almost always the cheapest shoe to be found in the bottom of someone’s closet. Most sneakers will set you back a cool $100, and Sperry’s will leave an $85 hole in your pocket. Meanwhile, L.L. Bean Moccasins (a personal favorite of mine), only cost $70. Money talks, and slippers leave you flush with cash.

However, I’m by no means providing an unbiased viewpoint on the furry footwear. Moccasins are my shoe of choice as many as three days a week, and I oftentimes wear them from sunup to sundown. I can proudly say that three years after my slippers’ inaugural journey, they still maintain their pristine condition as the day they were unboxed.

For an uptight freshman rushing to swimming on the other side of school, I won’t quibble with a pair of Nikes. But a senior – a second semester senior no less – deserves the all encompassing pampering and comfort that a moccasin provides to safely make it through the year until internships begin in May.