Senior traditions passing me by


The fall of senior year comes with all kinds of traditions. There’s the first day of school, spirit week, motorcade and the homecoming football game. At Staples, it sometimes seems as though we are living in a movie, with all of the stereotypically American high school traditions, with the posters for senior days, color wars and spirit.

I love Staples, and from my time here, I think that all of these activities make our day-to-day lives as students that much better. I just happen to be one of those seniors who forgot to do most of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I had good reason to. I was late to homecoming because I had rowing, but I did make a fashionably late appearance. I didn’t go as all out for spirit week as some of my more motivated classmates did. I made myself delicious cookies instead of going to CVS to find oversized glasses or a tutu that I could wear.

Maybe I just don’t have school spirit.

I like to think that I do because I think it makes me sound horrible to say that I don’t care. As a senior girl, I probably should be a little more peppy and feather boa-ed.

Senior year is all about choice. I chose, however controversial it might be, to relish my extra half hour of sleep instead of getting up at 6 am to paint my face and put on all of the red clothing I own.

I didn’t have the best track record as MVP of senior year for the fall. I’ll do better in the spring.  Just give me a few weeks to develop my pomp and circumstance.