Should Red and Whites and Counties Switch?

After a long holiday break, it feels as though the month of January is already flying by.

Right now, we are in the midterm phase as students are constantly studying day and night.

Then, before you know it, it will be time for the girls to beauty themselves up and for the gentlemen to put on their blazers and ties for Counties and Red and Whites.

Going to the dances is always a fun time for the junior and senior classes, as it is the climactic part of the weekend.

However, Red and Whites for some reason is on a Friday, when it should clearly be on Saturday when Counties is.

Realistically speaking, it’s definitely a dilemma for the girls because we don’t have enough time after school to prepare for the dance.

The day of the dance is supposed to be a relaxing day when girls pamper up by getting their hair and nails done.

Girls take a long time to get ready for anything as it is.

With a whole day of school, senior girls are going to be frantic because we want to make sure everything is done perfectly and on time before pictures.

If anything, the senior class should have first priority by having all day Saturday, which means that Counties would be on Friday.

Now this is just from a senior girl’s perspective.

In terms of fairness, Counties should be on one Saturday and the weekend after should be Red and Whites.

Since this is not the case, it turns out that some girls may not even come to school on that Friday.

According to Carly Singer’14,”I plan on skipping because I will have to get my hair and makeup done and the only appointments are in the morning. I will be missing a lot of work since I have all my core classes on Friday.”

But for those who are still going to school, their plan is to get nails done on Thursday so that on Friday, all that is left is hair and makeup.

No matter what day the dance is on, it’s certainly going to be a memorable time and all of the stress will quickly be forgotten.