A Supernatural Obession

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June 5, 2011-Teen Wolf, a new series premiers on MTV
September 2011-Season three of The Vampire Diaries Begins
November 18, 2011- Breaking Dawn Part 1 of the Twilight Saga is released in theatres.

How many of those do I plan to watch?

All of them.

Since I encountered my first werewolf character in Harry Potter, I have followed almost every vampire and werewolf fad in the book.

The Twilight Saga? Read it. The Vampire Diaries? Seen every episode. Wizards of Waverly Place? Yup, I’ve seen most of those too.

Something about these supernatural creatures seems to catch my attention. But it’s not only me. The vampire and werewolf issue recently made the front page of the New York Times.

The New York Times, is discussing vampires. It’s a little ridiculous that shows with the same plotline as Wizards of Waverly Place are now being discussed on a national level. But who am I to judge when I am one of the crazed fans?

The reason I personally count down the minutes until Vampire Diaries—really, I have made a countdown on my computer before—is unknown even to me.

You’d think I’d be sick of the repetitive supernatural theme after Twilight, and honestly, I thought I was done after I saw the disappointing remake of the third book, Eclipse.

But these twisted shows keep drawing me back.

I, along with 2.793 million viewers follow Elena, the protagonist in The Vampire Diaries, throughout her unrealistic, twisted life. Do we vampire lovers watch because of all the plot twists? Well it can’t be that, since every supernatural show in the book adds random plot twists solely to make another season. And it can’t be the intense conflict, because it is painfully fake. But somehow, this trend has managed to take viewers by storm anyway.

It’s similar to 90210 or Gossip Girl, really. Just replace the drugs in gossip girl with vervain, an herb that kills vampires, and replace the over dramatic cat fights in 90210 with vampire battles, and there you have it-a high school soap opera with a sci-fi twist.

My conclusion is that it is simply a guilty pleasure. While some people love chocolate, or others love a good book, I love being scared by vampires, or being made fun of by my friends when I count down the minutes until the next episode.

But hey, I’m just one in 2.793 million. So take that vampire haters.