Rebecca’s Bookmarked Sites


Rebecca Bobrow ’11
Staff Writer

Every day when I open up my web browser, the first thing I see is the tab of my eight bookmarked sites across the top of my screen. Surprisingly, Facebook is not one of them. But who am I kidding? Facebook tops the list of my most visited sites along with the rest of my favorite sites that are just as absorbing and distracting. Here are the sites that I spend my computer time browsing:

1.  Perez Hilton

Anyone that knows me knows that this celebrity gossip site is my not-so-guilty pleasure. Every night I read all six to eight pages that Perez has kindly updated on his blog, so I can stay highly informed on the latest scandals in Hollywood. Reading about other people’s crazy lives is the perfect remedy to a stress-filled day at school. And because of it, I can give you the life story of just about any celebrity.

2.  Gmail

I like to be just one click away from reading all my important emails.

3. Life of the Jet Setter

This is the blog of my favorite person Diggy, from one of my favorite television shows, “Run’s House.” When I am bored or suffer from a bad case of writer’s block, it’s entertaining to read Rev Run of Run-DMC’s son’s opinions on the newest fashion, art, music and architecture – even though every post is littered with “This is dope!”

4.  OTH-music

This site lists all 1477 song from every episode of my favorite show One Tree Hill. It lists them chronologically by episode or A-Z by artist. It is awesome. It’s my go-to site every Monday night after 10:00 pm when I want to buy music from that night’s OTH show. Luckily, it is updated almost instantaneously after each episode. Much of the “Most Listened” to on my iTunes comes from One Tree Hill, all thanks to

5.  Youtube

Because who doesn’t love watching music videos, hamsters on pianos, and movie trailers.

6.  Blackboard

When I really need to do my homework and get away from all these distractions, it is helpful to know what my assignments actually are.

7.  Wikipedia

I love Wikipedia as a bookmarked site, because if I ever need some quick information or to look something up for my homework, it always right there waiting to answer any question I can imagine.

8.  Google

See number seven and substitute Wikipedia for Google.