Running for Charity


Larissa Lieberson

Timothy Mikenkevich, the winner of the 10K race, runs toward victory.

The morning of April 28, the Westport Young Women’s League hosted 5K and 10K charity races around Westport, starting and ending at Compo Beach.

The male winner of the 10K, Timothy Mikenkevich, 31, finished with a time of 33:09, while the female winner, Mary Dolan Zengo, 47, finished with 38:39.

All who ran found it fun to participate in the race on a sunny spring day.

“It was so great. It’s amazing that, even for one day, everyone comes together to support each other and run,” Mat Jacowleff ’15 said.

Although it was enjoyable for the runners and spectators, the main purpose of the race was to raise funds to benefit the larger Westport community. The league donates all the money from the race to local charities, such as Staples Tuition Grants and the public library, by giving grants throughout the year.

“It’s always more meaningful for me when I participate in a race for charity,” said Joe Pucci, a 10K runner. “It makes me feel like we are doing something great for the community.”