Oklahoma to Open Despite Nor’easter

Oklahoma! will still open this weekend.

Oklahoma! will still open this weekend.

How much abuse can a show take and still raise the curtain on opening night?

A lot, apparently, if it’s the Staples Players’ production of Oklahoma!, which previews tomorrow.

“This nor’easter shouldn’t affect opening night, because we’ve been working hard for a long time,” said Staples Player Jack Bowman ’15. “Sandy didn’t stop us, so neither should this.”

A mere week after Hurricane Sandy left millions devastated across the east coast, the northeast again faces a potentially catastrophic nor’easter. Although students rejoiced at the sight of snow during school today, the nor’easter is expected to become more intense and powerful throughout the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Staples Players has lost up to seven hours of rehearsal time this afternoon alone due to this storm. Actors rehearsed at a local synagogue to compensate for some of the lost rehearsal hours last week due to Hurricane Sandy.

Questions remain as to whether the show can open this weekend, but many, like Bowman, remained confident that the show will, indeed, go on.

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