Former Talent Show Undergoes Name Change

For years, the Student Assembly has put on a talent show at the end of the year, displaying the wide range of skills Staples students possess.

This year, though, the Student Assembly has announced that the talent show will now be called the variety show from now on.

Since this announcement, students and staff have inquired about the exact reasoning for the name change. Some have wondered if a specific event led the Student Assembly to change the name.

President of the Student Assembly, Micheal Goodgame ’11, negated this idea, saying that the Student Assembly’s decision to change the name of the show was as a result of many years of experiences.

“We decided to change the name because previous experience had taught us that the name ‘talent show’ implies that the show is a competition, when in fact it is simply a display of the diversity and skill of the student body and an opportunity for the school to unite under something,” Goodgame said.

Goodgame, as well as vice president of the Student Assembly, Spencer Adler ’11, and faculty advisor, Trudy Denton, decided to make the change. Like Goodgame, Denton stated that the name change was spurred by an attempt to emphasize the show’s variety.

“We feel this name is more reflective of the show. We remain committed to providing the variety of acts and representation to all classes,” Denton said.

Unrelated to the name change, the show has also been moved to May 17, so that seniors can watch it before they leave for internships.

“From those who have tried out, it looks like it’s going to be a great show.” Goodgame said.