Service League of Boys helps fundraise for Puerto Rican recovery


By: Jake Navarro ’20

Service League of Boys hosted their fourth annual three-on-three basketball tournament at the Staples High School fieldhouse on Dec. 1. The event was a fundraiser to support the Puerto Rican Relief Center which will provide support for displaced people living in Puerto Rico.

Teams showed up to compete their hearts out to ultimately raise money for the people in Puerto Rico. The fundraiser made at least $900 as each participant paid a fee of $10 to play. The fundraiser also gained additional money from the bake sale that went on throughout the night.

Many members of the Service League of Boys attended, including Ben O’donnell ’20, and they thought the tournament was a great way to help those in need. “To see so many people out here having fun and supporting the people that are struggling in Puerto Rico is truly amazing,” O’donnell ’20 said.  

This tournament helped bring together the Staples community to ultimately help the Puerto Rican people, Mark Didio ’20 continued. “It was a great event for the organization to raise money. It was not only beneficial towards the organization but it was very competitive and turned out into a great basketball and fundraising event,” he said.
Lars Djuve ’20 was an attendee at the annual basketball tournament and participated on the winning team. Djuve enjoyed the intensity of the games along with the fact that it would ultimately help many people return to their normal lifestyles. “This tournament was so much fun due to everyone’s effort towards winning,” Djuve said. “Another great thing about this was that all this money will help families stabilize their lives.”