Where 0-18 Happens

Dustin Dobbs ’10
 Sports Editor

Before I start this column, I would like to congratulate the New York Knicks on officially not being the worst team in the NBA anymore.

Travel about 10 miles north, crossing the Hudson River, and you will arrive at your new destination.

Home to the NBA’s worst team this season, and literally, worst franchise of all time.

The New Jersey Nets.

The Nets have somehow managed to start the ’09-’10 season with a historic 0-18 record. On Wednesday, December 2, the Nets passed the 1988 Miami Heat and the 1999 Los Angeles Clippers who both posted an embarrassing 0-17 start.

The Dallas Mavericks beat them 117-101 in a game where the Nets gave up 49 second-quarter points.

I’m no coach, but as a lifelong fan and player of the game, it is clear that this team needs help. And no, LeBron James is not the answer.

The firing of head coach Lawrence Frank (finally) after the first 16 losses seemed to have no significant impact on the team.

Next up to the plate, general manager Kiki Vandewegh. Smart move, letting a front office man who has never coached an NBA game in his life, assume the reigns of an 0-16 team. Well, good luck with that.

Nope, better idea. Let Tom Barrise, the Nets “Official Team Scout” become the interim head coach.

Or…find a few guys with the least amount of coaching experience possible. That’ll always help win some games.

Forget firing coaches, how about firing owner Bruce Ratner.

The good ‘ol days with Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Richard Jefferson, Kerry Kittles, Vince Carter, and Lucious Harris are long gone.

Whoever it is that will stick this one out, has a tough job a head of them.

The Nets have suffered some heart breakers this season, like the Nov. 14 contest against Miami where Dwyane Wade sank a last second buzzer-beater to win by one, giving the Nets their tenth straight loss.

They also lost the season opener to the Minnesota Timberwolves by two points, which is one of two of Minnesota’s wins.

Impressive. Not to mention…they lost to the Knicks. Enough said.

I don’t understand why they can’t put one win together. Despite their apparent plague of injuries, they have more than enough talent to score more points than their opponent.

They have two potential All-Star selections in center Brook Lopez and point-guard Devin Harris, and a very promising swingman in sophomore Chris Douglas-Roberts.

Now with the help of Rafer Alston, Sean Williams, and rookie phenom Terrance Williams, why they can’t get a win just doesn’t make sense.

To say this isn’t their year, would be an understatement. They need to do a lot of rebuilding, and they need to get it done fast.

Nets: If LeBron is what you want…you should probably win some games first.

Your chances of landing him have nearly diminished. I wish you the best of luck in pursuing him in the off-season, but you have a better chance of striking gold in East Rutherford than signing LeBron James.

The Nets need luck on their side as their schedule does not get any easier.

The already “popular” state of New Jersey certainly does not have much to brag about.

Fortunately enough for them, their infamous Nets may be heading across the border to Brooklyn by the end of the season.

To the Nets fans in Staples, I apologize.

It’s going to be a long winter for you guys.