Jock Talk: Lights Would Take Football to Next Level

Dustin Dobbs ’10

Sports Editor

Recognized as one of the most prestigious football programs in the state of Connecticut within the past decade, Staples Football is one tiny step from being a legit high school football team.

After numerous arguments and debates that have lasted literally years, permanent lights were recently approved by the town of Westport.

Finally, this community gets what it deserves: Friday night lights.

As the only team in the FCIAC without lights, I believe this move serves extremely beneficial.

It not only benefits our football team, but it brings the Staples, and Westport community together for some classic Friday night football a couple times a month.

It is evident that more “ups” come with these lights than “downs.”

These events would be great for the community, build town and school spirit, help increase fan support, and not to mention, would be used extremely sparingly, which bring me to my next point.

Residents of Highpoint Road: Need not fear. These lights are anything but harmful and a distraction. I respect and understand that the lights will most likely be shining in and around your neighborhood, but like I said before, the usage of the lights will be limited.

There are usually around 10 regular-season-games a year, half of which would be home. So during the three-month span in which the season goes on, there would be FIVE Fridays out of the whole three-months where the lights are put to use. Seeing as FCIAC Friday Night games generally go from 7-9 PM, it is almost guaranteed that the lights would be killed by 10 PM if not shortly after the game.

So what’s the big deal? There also was some discussion about using the lights for practice, which almost always run no later than 6 PM, so even if the lights are used for a practice, they’ll be off in time for your family dinners on Highpoint Road.

Another benefit that comes along with having lights, is the opportunity to host State Playoff games.

What is better than playing host to your own State Playoff game under the lights in front of nearly 5,000 people?

Not much.

As ONE of the hardest working teams in Staples, we respectfully believe that we have earned the rights to play “under the lights.”

We’ve waited long enough, the town of Westport has waited long enough, and now finally, starting next year, “Friday night lights” will be brought to this community.

So to my teammates in the class of 2011 and on, use them well.