Dealing With Internet Predators

1. What should you do if you are contacted by an online predator?

Try and capture their IP Address either on your command prompt screen or capture the page by hitting print screen on your keyboard then saving it to your desktop. Save all IM chats, videos or pictures that are sent to you. Use that information to file a police report.

2. Which websites attract online predators?

An online predator will make contact with any child or preteen on any child site. Due to the cyber world’s ability to create frivolous screen names, people can be anyone they want to be. There are thousands of adolescent sites where you can interact with others playing games or chatting. XBOX online games and chats are a favorite of online predators.

3. What are ways in one could avoid being contacted by a predator?

Keep your profile simple. Do not give any personal information (age, last name, school, music or activities). There are parental controls that can be utilized as filters to keep children out of Domains that they should not be using.

4. What is an online predator’s goal?

A predator’s ultimate goal is to meet with a child and have a sexual encounter with them and possibly something even scarier. A predator will be relentless in their attempt to contact their selected target. They will be willing to provide a cell phone which they control or set up a separate pass worded email account that they only have access to. They like to be anonymous until they feel that they have a person who is willing to keep their relationship a secret.