Fall Fashion

As the temperature begins to descend, it’s time to hang up those vintage shorts and put away your gladiators. Fall has arrived. Pull out the sweaters and boots from the back of your closet because this season there are plenty of hot new trends to look out for.

Big Sweaters

The fashion trends of the ‘80’s have returned. Leggings made their reappearance last season and now there is a revival of the oversized sweater. Comfortable and oversized make for the perfect trend. Purchase a cute oversized sweater in beige, black, olive, or any warm color and pair it with your most comfortable leggings and a pair of boots. The look will be complete.

InWestport, these sweaters can be purchased at Wishlist, Winged Monkey, and many other stores. For a cheaper find, try digging into the back of your mom’s closet and find it for free.

Short Boots

Combat boots are no longer restricted to military footwear, they have become mainstream. They were the hot trend at the beginning of this year, and continue to be popular throughout the fall season.  This fall, all short boots will be transitioning to be the perfect shoe to pair with your favorite skinny jeans.  These boots are also comfortable with leggings or skirts. Boot socks are a must-have to pair with your favorite short boots. They add a burst of color or a pop of texture to the top of the boot. Whether they’re ankle grazing or hit mid-calf, adorned with studs or buckles, these heavy-duty leather boots are the perfect transitional footwear option.

Fur Vests

Fur vests are the perfect piece to carry your outfits into the fall. These fur vests come in many forms. There are cropped, sleek, and silky fur vests and longer vests with shaggy materials. All of these vests can be paired with anything, including jeans and leggings.  Just put them over any outfit to make your outfit complete.

Fur vests are on every mannequin in every store so finding your preferred style won’t be difficult. Vests are perfect to wear over a silky blouse as the leaves change. For the ideal winter look, switch it up and pair it with your favorite cozy long sleeved tee.

Colorful Scarves

This season, stores are carrying patterned scarves that can be added to any outfit. The lightweight fabrics make these scarves just the right fit for the fall. The thin silky or cotton scarves have vibrant prints and details that will make your outfit pop. There are a many patterns and designs that you can choose from; you just need to find out which pattern will complement your outfit.

These scarves are not meant to keep you warm during the next snowstorm, but they will be the perfect decoration for your neck. The scarves are also relatively inexpensive – they range from twenty dollars to forty. So, a little money will buy something that can be worn all the time.

Animal Prints

This fall animal prints are roaring in fashion. This timeless trend is overflowing stores in all forms of clothing and accessories. However, it is no surprise, given that the Kardashians are all over magazines with adorned in leopard print. Animal prints are a way to spice up any outfit on accessories, or as seen in many popular stores right now, such as Forever 21, on animal print tees, blouses, skirts, dresses, and leggings.