Pizza Restaurant Turned Mexican

I walked into Cuatro Hermanos Luncheria with an empty stomach and a wide array of expectations as I had heard much about the much anticipated new mexican restaurant in the Saugatuck area of town.

What used to be Four Brothers Pizza is now Cuatro Hermanos, and Four Brothers has moved to where Mike’s Pizza used to be by the Fresh Market. The official new name of the restaurant is Four Brothers Xenia, while the Four Brothers menu will be available during the day; at night, the location turns into a higher end Greek restaurant with a Latin twist.

I sat down at Cuatro Hermanos and was promptly greeted by two of the actual brothers, Mergim Trdevaj ’12 and Burim Trdevaj ’13, both Staples students. I placed my order and awaited my meal. While I did wait a while for the food, 22 minutes to be exact, I did have fried plantains and salsa to snack on, although that even took 16 minutes to arrive after I sat down. During the 16 minutes I waited for my chips, I did have plenty to do besides just twiddle my thumbs. I took a look around the deliberately Mexican themed restaurant, suited with a mosaic tile counter to order from and found a seat at one of the restaurant’s few tables.

I originally ordered a steak burrito along with a carne sofrito empanada, however, soon after I placed my order, they found that they were out of the empanada I had ordered, so I changed to a chorizo empanada. When they brought my meal to the table, they said they were also out of the chorizo empanada so I changed my order again, this time to chicken, and I hate chicken.

I sank my teeth into my tasty looking burrito and realized that the tortilla was cold, an automatic disappointment in my book, however, when I saw the guacamole on the side I added some, and that definitely made up for the cold tortilla. Their guacamole is probably the best tasting homemade guac I’ve had while living in Westport. After I finished my burrito, I grabbed my chicken empanada and took a bite, it was very bland and I just put it down on my plate and asked for the check.

While the burrito was decent, it comes in behind a couple other Westport “South of the Border” restaurants. Cuatro Hermanos, though, is a decent alternative with friendly service, albeit slow, pretty average food, amazing guacamole and a nice atmosphere. A good start for a very abrupt change in style.