Oct. 31, 2011 | Halloween Takes the Halls, But Not the Streets

Rose Propp, Staff Writer


Annie Raifaisen ’14, Brooke Berlin ’14 and Elizabeth Camche ’14 don their animal costumes on Halloween.  But, hold on.

According to an email to  Westport Public School parents, maybe the candy won’t fill kids bags after all:

The Town of Westport strongly urges that Trick or Treating be postponed to this Saturday, November 5 rather than tonight because of significant safety risks along certain of our roads and sidewalks.

 After a meeting of Town officials and Local Emergency Management Personnel it was determined that due to recent snow storm and power outages, it would not be safe to proceed with trick or treat activities normally held tonight for Halloween.

 Wires remain down, and there are hundreds of damaged trees and downed branches throughout Westport.  Even if your neighborhood appears to have minimal damage, it still might not be safe.  Falling tree limbs, slippery surface conditions, and electrocution hazards remain possible throughout town.

 Parents are urged in the strongest possible terms not to let their children trick or treat tonight. Keep them inside and plan on a safer night this Saturday, Nov. 5.