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Crunch Time

Graphic by Emily Kowal '12

June 11, 2010

Every student is counting down the number of days, minutes, and seconds until school finally ends. However, instead of counting the time remaining, teachers think about how many additional lessons they can fit in before school lets out. Just as I think I am coming down the home stretch and can already fee...

Naviance Quells Fears, Instills Anxieties

April 16, 2010

Samantha Freeman '11 Web A&E Editor e bold red numbers stare back at you, mocking your current GPA. Graphs that depict SAT and ACT scores show you below the average. This one website accounts for many of the stresses that come with being a junior or senior, said Staples students. In hopes to ...

PPSAT Shown Valuable in the Pre-College Process

The PPSAT, taken by sophomores in mid-March is helpful in preparing for the PSATs and SATs

March 12, 2010

Monica Mula '10 Web Opinions Editor Each year around mid–March, the stress levels among the grades are drastically different. Sophomores have just finished the long weeks of CAPT testing, while all other grades have enjoyed weeks of sleeping in and feel well-rested and refreshed. Now comes the ti...

Sweeney Turns Leisure into Competitive Lifestyle

FLYING BY: Melissa Sweeney ’11 shreads up the slopes in a  recent CIAC race. She has been a top performer for the  ski team since her arrival at Staples. | Photo by Barbra Sweeney

February 24, 2010

Emily Kowal '12 Web A&E EditorIt is possible that Melissa Sweeney ’11 spends more time on the ski slopes than at home. Sweeney began skiing competitively when she was eight-years old with the Mount Southington ski team. After seven years, Sweeney switched over to the Thunder Ridge ski team. ...

Seniors’ Slew of Stress: Seniors Endure Unprecedented Challenges

Jill Ciferri ’10 largest worry senior year is picking a college. | Photo by John Watson '12

February 2, 2010

Lexi Preiser '10 Web Editor-in-Cheif The end of the new semester marks the end of a long and wearisome battle for seniors—the battle to keep grades as high as ever, to keep eyelids from drooping after late nights, and to keep sane amidst the craziness of college of applications. When asked to describe first se...

A Snap Back to Reality: Midterms

Photo Courtesy of SXC

January 9, 2010

By Kelsey Landauer '11 Staff Writer The purpose of the December break is to provide a period of time for students to be able to travel, or host family members for holiday celebrations without the distraction of schoolwork and the perpetual stress that school induces. With the vacation time f...

Medication, Therapy Fight Depression

December 22, 2009

Dana Rappaport ’11 Web Opinions Editor Approximately one in every eight adolescents suffers from depression each year. However, only 30 percent of these teens receive treatment for depression, by either medication or therapy.  According to, teens are capable of developing their depre...

From Letter to Blog, College Acceptances Become More Competitive, Stressful

Compared to earlier generations of students, high school students today endure more stress during the college process.  Some say this is the result of the heightened use of technology among teenagers.  |Photo by Devin Skolnick '11

December 22, 2009

Emily Cooper '11 & Michael Nussbaum '11 Business Manager & Sports Editor Each year, nearly all Staples seniors endure the college process, one way or another But, one thing students manuever through today are the technological advances with new networks such as Twitter, Facebook and C...

A Little Less Stress, A Little More Relaxation, Please

Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Donovan, and jazz musician Paul Horn recently held a benefit concert organized by the David Lynch Foundation in order to raise awareness of Transcendental Meditation. | Photo by David Herschner

May 15, 2009

Ana Horn '12 Staff Writer In 1968, The Beatles made their infamous pilgrimage to India along with New Age jazz musician Paul Horn and singer Donovan. What many don't know is why they were all there. The group traveled that far to learn one thing: Transcendental Meditation (TM). Thanks to them, TM...

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