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Sympathy is necessary during college season


Kit Epstein ’17

When I was a junior, I truly believed that I was at my wit’s end. In my mind, I couldn’t possibly be more stressed out than I was among AP classes, SAT prep testing and college touring.

Now, junior year looks like a nice walk in the park, a delicious slice of chocolate cake, maybe even a relaxing massage. Because let me tell you- the college process sucks.

I’m not exactly the most positive girl in the world, but even my most happy-go-lucky friends have lost all motivation in the past couple of months. The college process is draining emotionally, fiscally and physically. So, what could make this hellbent month of December even worse?

Just ask my teachers.

The week of the dreaded 15th of December, the day that the majority of early decision decisions are released, I was assigned 100 pages of reading, an entire chapter’s worth of textbook notes and had four tests. I was drowning in work throughout what has been the most stressful weeks of my high school career. All I could think about was getting into college and setting the next four years of my education in stone, everything else went straight to the back burner.

I thought that teachers would understand my need to have less work during this week but, in fact, I was told to get over it and to stop using college admissions as an excuse to be dramatic.

Unfortunately, when one goes to a school as academically intense as Staples, college becomes the number one priority and the only thing on students’ minds. I am not being dramatic; I am being pragmatic and staying true to the academic environment and attitude that Staples perpetuates.

I am begging of you, teachers. Please understand the immense stress that the college process brings seniors during this time. Please be compassionate during this time. Maybe just assign one less project or test this month. Trust me, it makes a difference.

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About the Contributor
Kit Epstein, Web Opinions Editor
This active, opinionated, and nature-loving foodie has joined the Inklings Staff once again. Kit Epstein ’17, is a major contributor to the Inklings Opinions Section, and finds that Inklings is a great way to voice her opinion and hear the opinions of others. Along with her work on Inklings, Kit leads a busy life. She loves politics and is President of the Young Republicans Club at Staples. Her hobbies include running, biking and cooking. Kit has a food blog called Kit’s Kitchen, and uses cooking as a, “therapeutic thing,” to de-stress. Her most delicious cooking masterpiece was an apple cake with salted caramel ice-cream. Inklings is in for a treat both writing and food-wise with Kit on the staff.

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